Saturday, June 15, 2019

Birds poop on my clothes

As long as it is not raining, I will hang dry my clothes after the wash instead of using the dryer.  First it saves me money since I am not using electricity and it also helps the environment by being echo friendly.  So one might think it is a win win situation.  But there is a downside and it is bird poop on my clothes.  These birds would perch on the clothes wire with my clothes hanging there and they would poop.  I have tried all kind bird deterrent out there.  From fake owls to fake hanging falcon to large shinny eye like hanging plates. These birds are relentless and it does not scare them away anymore.  I have even moved my bird bath to the front yard so they would go there instead.  All attempts failed.

 Do I have to sit and watch my clothes dry so I can shoo the birds away?  This is so exasperating.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Descanso Gardens

I was underwhelmed by the amount of flora to see here.  The maps and signage for direction inside the garden is confusing and not laid out clearly.  Well at least I have been here and no need to visit it again.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Dude that is too heavy for you!

There are several signs one can recognize at the gym that the guy is lifting weights way too heavy for his own good.  He is prolly just a show off or he is doing it all wrong.

1.  If he drops the weight and make a load noise, then it is too heavy.  If he can not even lower the weights slowly and has to resort to dropping it, then it shows he has no eccentric control for that amount of resistance.  Or he is just a jerk.

2.  If he has to use his whole body to do a simple bicep curls.  This is when the guys swings the weights up using his legs and trunk.  He is simply using momentum generated by his legs and trunk to complete that bicep curls.  Dude it is too heavy!

3.  If he has to grunt so loudly to lift the weights, it is prolly too heavy.  Or he is just a guy who craves the attention of others.

4.  If he can not be bothered to return the weights to its proper place, then it must be too heavy.  Who wants to lift that heavy weight again to rack it up if it is way too heavy?  Or he is just a slob.

5.  If he can only do less than 5 reps then it is too heavy.  A true sign of strength is the ability to do at least 10 repetition maximum with good form.

6.  If he has to use "spotter" to do his lift, then he has no confidence that he won't drop that weight on his face/body.  This shows no control and it is only when the weight is too heavy for his strengths.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019