Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Something Rotten yet wonderful

Ever since I saw the number performed by the cast of Something Rotten at the 2015 Tony Awards, I knew that I would like to watch this show live.  My friend Dee has agreed to join me so that was extra incentive for me to look for tickets during my trip to NYC.  We ended up paying over $100 each for the tickets.  Then we learned that the tickets were bought at a lower price and resold by the seller at Broadwaybox.com at a higher price.  We almost paid twice the original price. I was annoyed but at least the show was funny and diverting that I did not feel too cheated out of it.

Brian d'Arcy and Christian Borle were fantastic in their portrayals.  The rest of the cast were very good too.  Special mention to John Cariani and Brad Oscar.  Our Minstrel was Bud Weber instead of Michael James Scott which was a blessing in disguise.  The songs were funny and catchy.  I especially like "A Musical" and "Hard to be the Bard" numbers.   A lot of the dialogues and lyrics included reference to old Broadway shows that were significant and popular.  So having knowledge of the other past musicals helped me enjoy the show more.   The dance numbers were pretty lively and entertaining.  And to top it off, I learned a few things about the historical references in the story line.

Definitely a show to see.  Go to Broadway or wait for it to come to your town when they go on tour.
4.5 stars out of 5. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Distracting my dogs

When I walk the dogs, sometimes I am in a hurry.  I just want them to piss and poop so I can bring them back and have the peace of mind that they won't have an accident inside the house.  So as we come close to the the house on our return, I would try to coax them to poop.  And when I see them doing their pre-poop dance of turning around going back in forth before squatting to poop, I really hate it when another dog approaches.  Because any dog owner knows that dogs get easily distracted by another dog or another animal.  All of a sudden they would forget that they want to poop and would try to greet the new dog.  So annoying.  It is not the fault of the other dog walker.  It is not the fault of the other dog.  And it is not the fault of my dogs too since it is their nature.  Nonetheless it is still very vexing. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Somebody to love by Jordan Smith

A very powerful and beautiful rendition of Somebody to love by Jordan Smith from The Voice.  Made me want to buy the album of Queen to hear the original and compare.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My response to 3 profiles.

I believe that if I have nothing good to say to somebody, I would just not say anything to that person.  Some of the profiles I encounter are just ridiculous that it deserves an equally sarcastic response.  But I am not saying to their faces.  Just posting it here where it can still be somewhat anonymous.

 "So you won't send a face pic but demands that others unlock their pics for you?  Who do  you think you think you are?  Prince William?"

 "So you think being mix is better that being Latin or Asian?  Is mix a euphemism for something you are ashamed of that you would rather be mix than be labeled as a particular race?

"Sure your body looks nice but at 46, your face will surely show it.  So stop demanding somebody half your age cause you are not all that.  And you won't send a face pic?  I am sure people are lining up to meet you."

Friday, January 08, 2016

Lea, you ruined Allegiance for me.

The main reason why I went to NYC last November was to join my friends watching Lea Salonga at the Longacre Theatre performing the lead role in Allegiance.  This would have been her return to Broadway after her appearances at Miss Saigon and Les Miserable.  So it was a big deal to see her again at Broadway.

2 days prior to our ticketed show date, we learned that she went to Miami to attend a friend's wedding.  We were hoping she would be back for our Sunday matinee show but alas she was still absent.  So I was already put off even before the show started.  And I must say that my opinion of the show may have been influenced by my displeasure.

Although the understudy Elena Wang, George Takei and Telly Leung were good, it was not enough for me to truly enjoy the show.  The musics were forgettable.  The dance numbers were simple and unimpressive. And the story was somewhat predictable.  I must say George made me cry at the end but it was too little too late.  So Lea, you definitely ruined it for me.  I will never make any effort to watch you ever again.

3 stars out of 5 for the show.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sexy Gay New Year

                Have a very sexy New Year!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bait and switch at Hotel Pennsylvania

We took a hotel room this past NYC visit I did with my friends.  It was easier to stay in Manhattan that importune on a friend's hospitality.

We booked at the Hotel Pennsylvania near the Penn Station in Manhattan.  It was centrally located and the pictures on their website were nice.

Upon checking in, indeed the lobby was very high end looking.  High ceiling and spacious looking.  Plenty of seats for guests to relax.  The holiday decorations were classy.  There were 10 elevators which made the waiting almost negligible.  But all these good stuffs stopped at the lobby.

Upon reaching our 9th floor, I noticed the carpet very dingy and old.  The high ceiling and wide hallways were not able to compensate for the lack of visual appeal.  Judging from the wide hallways with high ceiling, it became apparent to me that this building was built back in the days when these were the standards.  So the building was built like a hundred years ago and it looks like they never remodeled since then.  Then there were these protrusions on the doors that looking like upright coffins.

Entering our room did not improve my negative opinion formed at the hallway.  The carpet was just as old.  It was a small room as expected.  The beddings were old and worn out looking.

Our bathroom had old tiles.  The shower head was was too short.  The door of the bathroom had a cheap door knob and it would not even close properly.  There were paint chips and small termite holes at the bottom of the door.  Then the TV at first was very cloudy.  We had to call front desk to have it cleared up.  Although there were perks like Wifi and free gym use at the Bally's next door, it came with a "resort fee".

To sum up my thoughts, this is a perfect "bait and switch".  The hotel bait consumers with the website pics and amenities offered.  Then the consumers ends up with a lousy room and extra fees.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Les Miserables at the Imperial Theatre

On the first day of my Broadway Extravaganza trip to NYC, we saw the new Les Miz with Alfie Boe as Jean Valjean.  First and foremost, let me just say that Alfie was magnificent.  That voice was so full and moving.  And the one who played Javert was Will Swenson.  He was very good too.  I was very happy with those two lead roles.  Our Fantine was Montego Glover.  She was good with a strong voice as well but we is black so it kind of threw me off to see her as Fantine who is traditionally white.  Lea Salonga played Fantine too and she is Asian.  It would have been weird for me to see her in that role as well.  I do not care for blind casting.  It is like watching Color Purple with white people.  I prefer the race of the actors matches the race of the characters.  Another unusual casting done was little Cosette being a black girl and the grown up Cosette was a white woman.  Then the little Eponine was white and the grown up Eponine was a black woman. That was just too weird for me.  Our Marius was Chris McCarrell.  His dark haired young handsome appearance looks appropriate for Marius but his voice was not powerful enough.  It was almost like a head voice.  When he sang Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, it was not a riveting as I hoped it to be.  It was still sad and poignant but I would have been in tears if the voice was better.  Thenardier, Gavroche and Enjolras were all very good too.  So pleasant and entertaining to watch. 

This production was faster paced and the whole show was shorter than it was traditionally.  I like it although if I was not familiar with the story, I would have been confused by it.  The set was grand and it conveyed the scenes properly.  A very gratifying show to watch in general.  I give this a 4 stars out of 5.