Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I am going shopping!

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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Slobs are still slobs at the gym

Gym goers have 3 major goals generally speaking.  One is to loose weight and be slimmer.  Two is to build muscle and look better.  And third is to be healthy.  Whatever their goals, the bottom line is "work" is needed to burn calories, build muscle and train the cardiopulmonary system.  And work is done by lifting weights or doing cardio activities.    Lifting weights can make them loose weight and build muscles. 

I have seen this in all the different gyms I have gone to.  And it is the same for my current gym here California.  People who lift weights do not bother to re-rack or return the weights they have used to the proper places.  The result?  A big mess and pile of weights are all over the place.  I often could barely find the particular weights I needed to use.  So I post this question.  Why would they not do the extra work to return or re-rack the weights?  Because this extra effort translates to extra work that will lead to the achievement of their goal which is to loose weight, build muscle or become healthy.  Why would they just leave those weights where they have finished using them?  Why?  Why?  Why?

The answer is simple.  Because slobs are slobs where ever they go.  It is their nature to be messy and slovenly.  Organization and cleanliness elude their personality.  The notion that doing an extra work to re-rack and return weights to the proper places does not simply occur to them.   The next time I see a person not returning or re-racking the weights, bet my bottom dollar their home is mess.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy fun safe Halloween!

Whether you dress as the sexy or slutty version of a costume, keep it safe and fun for Halloween.  

Naked tigers anyone?

                                           How about the naked Phantom of the Opera?

                                                                        Sexy angel?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Annie at the Pantages

My mom and I along with my cousins recently saw Annie at the Pantages Theatre.  I was looking forward to it since I have seen the movie versions so many times with my sisters with I was small.  So I am very familiar with it.

The stage version followed the basic plot of the movie (or vice versa) with some changes.  Again I am very cognizant of the fact that certain scenes in the movie are just too impractical to be shown on stage.  So I am not complaining.  I like the kids who portrayed the orphans.  The girl who played Annie was Issie Swickle and she was a sweet thing who sang beautifully.  The other orphans were also very good singer and dancers.  Mom especially enjoyed how talented these youngins were.  The actress who played Miss Hannigan (Emily Moreland) was a scene stealer.  She was comedic and almost over acting but it suits the role.  Gilgamesh Taggett who played Oliver Warbuck was an affable actor who sang with solid authoritative voice befitting the character.  In fact they added several songs for him in the stage version.  Other major characters like Grace Farrell, Rooster Hannigan  and FDR were appropriately portrayed by their respective actors.  I did miss Punjab in the stage version.  He was not forgettable in the film version.  The stage version also added new songs for the ensemble.  They were riveting and convincing with their portrayals.  One song I missed from the movie version was the "Let's go see a movie" song.  Shame since I did like that song.

It is hard not to compared when I enjoyed both versions.   I will give this show a B+.  Something to check on my list of shows I have always wanted to see.

Friday, October 16, 2015

2011 Tony Opening number by NPH

Love this number and I thought I would share it.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

My replies to profiles of egotistical people.

 If I have to reply to these profiles who think too highly of themselves, these will be my replies.

You really think an asian guy will like you based on your profile?  "I hosting now".  Can't even speak proper english.  Puhhleezz.

 So you conveniently omit your weight.  You must be hiding something. No photo to top it off.  Red flag.   Even a 40 something person would not want you.

 You yourself is an ethnic guy who has to hide his age and weight.  Take a look at yourself before you discriminate another.  

 No photo airline whore who does not know the difference between discreet and discrete.  Your 9.5 dick does not make you desirable instantaneously.   Get a life.

 Based on your headless photo, I know what you are even if you omit some info in your profile.  Trust me, you won't get any action with your "requirements".

 Blah blah blah.  I'm 46 and only want to get head.  No this and no that.   You must be this and that.  blah blah blah.

Who wants to chat to a headless 45 yo who thinks they are entitled to hide their face pic while they get to see the faces of others?

 Studies have shown that people who post this kind of profile tend to score as somebody who is actually is a racist when tested by psychologist.

 Extremely good looking?  Says your mama.  Prove it with a picture, not words.