Sunday, January 15, 2017

Male Gymnast and Armpits

The Summer Olympics has been over for several months now but I would like to bring up a observation of mine about male gymnast and armpit hair.  If the hair is light colored and not too obvious, it looks OK.  But if it is dark and really bushy, I find it unbecoming.  The pics below seems to show that the Eastern European shave their pit hair and the Americans along with the Asians do not.  The contrast between the skin tone and hair color makes it more unattractive as far as I am concern.  You be the judge.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Story of Asha the shitshu

One of our client (Eunice) mentioned that she has a shitshu dog (Asha) of 7 years old that she cant afford to keep anymore.  She asked if we know anybody looking for a sweet well behaved dog.  I would have taken the dog if I did not have 2 of my own already.  Having a 3rd might be too much to handle.  My other coworker was not in the position to have a dog.

Then the heavens smiled cause not a day later, another client (Nihla) mentioned that she wants a cat or a dog.  We have discussed that she should adopt instead of buying from a breeder.  Then it hit me that Nihla should adopt Asha.  It will save Nihla adoption fee and the dog will not have to be surrendered to the shelter.  We got the 2 ladies get in touch and the transfer of ownership happened 2 days later. 

Now the dog Asha is in a very happy home with Nihla.  Nihla adorns Asha and Asha seems very happy in her new forever home.  Nihla would bring Asha to work once in a while and they are both very happy.  Nihla buys Asha outfits and even brought her to see Santa.  This is a happen ending indeed.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

The King and I, plus Us.

My cousins bought me and mom "The King and I" tickets at the Pantages Theatre as their Christmas present to us.  It was one of the better Christmas present I have received.  Well I did not know it then before seeing the live show.  I saw the movie version with Yul Brenner and it was just OK in my book.  Well I did not care for the casting of the movie to begin with.  Yul Brenner for the King of Siam?  Rita Moreno as TupTim?  Terry Saunders for Lady Thiang?  I mean they are not even Asians!  The only Asian was Prince Chulalongkorn.  They cast anybody who was not blond and blue eyes as Thais in that movie.

So I was very pleased to see real Asians playing Asian roles in the revival of "The King and I" in theatre.  Jose Llana as King of Siam was funny with a good powerful voice.  Love his rendition of "A Puzzlement".  Laura Michelle Kelly was Anna Leonowens was perfect.  To begin with, she is really English so she did not have to fake the accent.  Singing was superb as well.  The rest of the cast gave good performances very apropos to their roles.  Although I must mention Anthony Chan as Prince Chulalongkorn was kind of overacting.

I especially like "The Small House of Uncle Thomas" number.  It was just superbly entertaining.   Also liked "Shall We Dance", "Getting to Know You" and "I Whistle a Happy Tune" numbers.  I think the success of the numbers has to do with the set design and the way it seamlessly flow from one scene to another.  It did not feel awkward and forced.

I watch the movie version just before seeing it in theatre and I find them very similar. The dialogue and the scenes were almost the same so it may have helped me enjoy the Theatre version because of familiarity.

I enjoyed this show and I will give it a 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Monday, December 05, 2016


The guys from My Husband's Lover Filipino Telenovela Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo duet Forever.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Voter's Remorse in coming.

I read several months ago an article by Michael Moore that the angry white male vote will propel the demagogue Donald Trump to the White House.  He was hoping he would be wrong but boy was he right.  Donald won and mostly from middle America.  The more diverse and progressive states went to Hillary.  I feel this election was mostly a protest vote by the privileged white male for loosing their influence in a society that is getting more equal rights for minorities, women and LGBT.  They are angry at the status quo because their way is changing for the better.  It did not matter that Donald is caught in the act of boosting to be a sex offender.  It did not matter that Donald refuses to release his income tax in fear that his unsavory business dealings will be expose.  It did not matter that Donald does not really know how to run a country.  Facts did not matter.  All that mattered is that they are angry at the politicians and wanted to give their middle finger through their votes.  All established politicians starting from the primaries to the general election lost to the "outsider" Donald.  And the voters did prevail in voicing their anger.  Well this is how our democracy works .  The majority of the Electoral Colleges select the president.

But the sad part of all these fiasco is everybody will suffer from the repercussion of a Trump presidency.  Stock market will suffer in the long run.  The economy will suffer.  And guess what?  Even those who voted for Trump will also feel the folly of their actions.  In fact, I will venture to say that those "red" states will suffer more than the progressive "blue" states.  So the jokes on those who voted for Trump.  Soon enough they will have voter's remorse.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016