Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pet Peeve - following a slowpoke

I can understand why some people have road rage. With the reckless, crazy and stupid people behind the wheels, it is enough for any sane person to develop road rage.

I do not have road rage but there are moments while I am driving that really gets me angry. One of those moment is following a slowpoke in the road. And it is not like traffic is slow, this driver is just driving slow even when the road ahead of him/her is devoid of any cars. While following this slow driver, I see the green light counting down to change to red. Just as it turns yellow, this driver speeds up to beat the red light while I am stuck stopped with a red light. The slowpoke is driving away on the other side of the intersection just because he was able to cross the intersection barely just before it turned red. I could have caught the yellow light too if he/she was driving at a regular speed. This really gets me boiling mad. I wish he/she gets in a fender bender!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 gay porn star living in Chicago?

I have had these impression that gay porn stars live in LA or eventually move to LA. So I did not expect to so far discover 2 gay porn stars who actually live here in Chicago. Who knows actually how many there are living in Chicago?

Matt Cole is a guy that I have seen out during gay festivals/parades and on several occasions at my gym. Mind you I do not go to a gay gym in boystown. I go to an Xsports fitness located at a relatively hetero section of town. I have notice him before cause he has huge muscles. He is not particularly that hot in my book. He is handsome enough and with a big muscles, I am not surprise he made it in gay porn. Initially I was not sure if he is that porn star that I have seen in some gay porn. But then today at the gym, I paid attention to the 3 tattoos on his upper back. When I got home, I looked for those 3 tattoos on the porn star that I suspected to be him. It is a match! Identity confirmed. That guy that I see at the gym is gay porn star Matt Cole.
Matt Cole's Adult Big Muscle Page.

Shane Frost is another gay porn star that lives here in Chicago. I discovered this accidentally from an interview/article in one of those gay magazine. Ever since then, I have seen him around in boystown or in gay bars. I guess before I did not pay attention to him but now that I know he is a porn star, I have been keen to notice him more in public.
Shane Frost's Official Adult website.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Greatest Show on Earth, for kids

It is called the Greatest Show on Earth but I will definitely amend that to the Greatest Show on Earth for prepubescent kids. I am talking about the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus show Fully charged at the United Center here in Chicago. I brought my mom to see this show cause I know she will enjoy the visual stimulation with very little listening needed.
The show indeed was enjoyable enough but definitely not the greatest show for me or any normal adult for that matter. There were the usual performances you expect at a circus. Jugglers, tight rope walker, stick walker, tumblers, trained elephants/tigers/horses, burning human arrow and clowns. Yes... Lots and lots of clowns. They used the clowns as filler when they prepare for the next act. It became tedious for me to see all those clowns and I did not find them humorous at all. Perhaps if I was 10, I would have enjoyed the clowns. The Elephant act was very entertaining and the tight rope walking act was nerve racking. The tumblers were eye candies as far as I am concern. Think of those smooth, very cut Russian male gymnast doing their tumbling acts shirtless. I was diverted.
So all in all the show was so so for me. Knowing what I know now about it, I would have been fine missing it. Definitely it is a good show to bring kids to but not for adults.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011