Friday, May 31, 2013

My Blog: a barometer of friendship

There are many ways to measure friendship.  One very important and obvious answer is the availability of the friend in times of needs.  If the friend is there for me when I needed him, he is a true friend.

Also a true friend is often interested in knowing my events and affairs.  He would asks how I am and what is new with me.  Not just the social etiquette of asking "How are you?" or "what's up?" to a stranger.  It is the asking and attentively hearing what I am saying.  Recently, I realized that a true friend would be also interested in reading my blog about things that happened to me or things that interest me.  That friend would be interested in reading my blog and learning my opinion on things/events/issues.  That friend would show true interest on me even if we are geographically apart.

This blog barometer of friendship I found delightfully adequate in two of my friends.   I have known for quite some time now that my friend Gen in Florida do read my blog.  And I am always very pleased to hear her talk about what she read about me.  It shows that she is truly interested in me.  Also recently, I discovered that my friend Hawking in Singapore have been secretly reading my blog.  Although we were out of touch for a while, he remained connected to me somehow by reading my blog.  That sends a warm feeling of affection for my friend.  I know he is a true friend despite of his absence from my life for a period of time.

One might say it is narcissistic of me to measure friendship if that person read or does not read my blog.  But truth be told, I apply the same standard to me.  I would read my friend's facebook post since I truly want to know what is going on with them.  As for other friends that I had a falling out of, I just stop reading their blog or following their facebook updates.  I just have little interest about what is going on with them.

To summarize my thought, I say that those friends of mine who do read my blog also do hold our friendship at a higher estimation than those who don't.  It shows that reading my blog is still a high enough priority in their life.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mortal enemy list.

I know it is un-Christian to have mortal enemies.  After all the Bible teaches us to forgive and forget.  Or did it?  Well I do not know really and I do not care.  I do not buy that Bible stuff anyways.  So here are my mortal enemy list in descending order.  These are people that I had dealings with.

1.  Seri Port*r.  She is my mentally and socially disturbed neighbor.  She yells at and alienates everybody in my building.  Nobody likes her.  I hope to witness her having a heart attack in our yard so I can ignore her while she plead for my help.

2.  Bozena "Bonnie" Cz*rska.  She is the Polish bitch who lives in Chicago.  She is dim witted, crazy, irritating and pernicious.  I hope she gets raped and sodomized by 5 hoodlums with me as a witness.  When she calls for my help, I can walk away with a smile in my face.

3.  Ginash G*orge, Bob Trip*cchio, Kristine Byk*rk.  They are 3 people in authority that uses their authority to save their own asses without regards to fairness and righteousness.  They are cowards and self serving.  I hope they all get pancreatic cancer and linger long before they die.

4.  Laurance J*ffries.  He is this fat know it all stinky man.  He is rude and condescending to everybody who is serving him.  I hope he gets loads of bed sores like he deserves.

5.  Romel Cab*zor.  He is this religious hypocrite teacher.   Nothing wrong with being a religious man per se.  He claims to be a pious Opus Dei man and yet he gives unjust favors to his male minions at school.  He cheats by changing grades and giving answers to his male favorites.   Clearly the action of a gay man who has no morals.  I hope he gets excommunicated by his beloved church and then get shingles.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Military guys with Call me maybe

I did not realize that the song Call Me Maybe is popular with the military guys.  Kinda funny that they choose to lip synch a song sang by a girl but it is cool in my book.  It does not diminish the humor of the video.

Besides, I always think of the Military during Memorial Day.  Memorial day is when we celebrate the brave men and women in the military who have fallen fighting for their country.  Have a safe and fun Memorial day!  And a sexy Memorial Day.   Whatever that is...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Always the fanatics ruin their religion to others.

As I walk pass the McDonald parking lot near my work, I saw a muslim man kneeling on his area rug on the ground praying.   Devote muslim, I believe, prays like 5 times a day.  The action of this man was not bad or unbecoming.  He was just showing his devotion to his faith and I respect that.  And I believe in my heart that the Islam faith itself is not a bad religion.  The core of Islam probably teaches love and all other values the Judeo-Christian faith also holds dear.  So why do many westerners think ill of Islam?  Because the faith of Islam are almost always associated with Jihad, suicide bomber and terrorist acts.    But if we really think about it, does the actual religion of Islam endorse all those heinous acts?  I think not.  The fanatics uses their twisted interpretation of their faith to justify their acts of murder.  These crazy fanatics have the twisted belief that their God will reward them of 72 virgins if they commit murder.  That is just illogical.  Even recent history has shown us that Christian fanatics have used their own interpretation of the Bible to justify their homophobia, racism and sexism.  A perfect example is the bigoted Westboro Baptist Church.  The crusade which modern learned people would think as unnecessary were justified by the fanatical Christian royalties of the middle ages.  It is always the obsessed fanatics that do these horrible acts in the name of their religion.  And that just ruins their religion to others.   Religious piety tempered by rational thinking is what these idiot fanatics should do.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I miss having cichlids.

I got rid of my fish tanks almost a year ago in preparation for my move to LA.  I know I could not move the fish long distance so I sold them and the tanks.  I miss having fish.  They are so calming.  I will definitely have a tank when I am settled in LA.  And I will likely get cichlids again.  Unless I could  buy a largemouth bass somewhere in LA.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ungracious Shriekapova

So Maria Sharapova (Skriekapova) pulled out of her quarterfinals match with Sara Errani yesterday at the Internationali BNL d'Italia in Rome .   And she has been quoted by the press as saying:

 "I was already a bit off in Madrid and played though it and it came back last night and I got sick again and its not smart to compete again two or three rounds to win the tournament and with Paris starting next week."

First she has every right to pull out if she is indeed not feeling well or if she feels she needed a break before the French Open.  I frankly think she is just avoiding another inevitable lost from either Azarenka (Screamarenka) or Serena.  For her to say that she was a bit off last week in Madrid is an excuse for loosing to Serena at the finals of the Mutua Madrid Open.  Their head to head record clearly favors Serena by 13 wins over Shriekapova's 2 wins that happened in 2004.  Serena has been dominating Shriekapova for almost 10 years now.  So by saying she was off when she played Serena is ungracious.  She lost clearly and it is not hard to believe considering the stats.  And why is this the first time we heard her say she was sick in Madrid?   Whatever she says, the record will have to do the talking louder.  She only wins in tournament if Serena is not there to demolish her.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

In the flesh: the review

I was able to download this TV series from the UK called In the Flesh.  It is a story about zombies or more politically correctly called PDS (partially deceased syndrome).  Don't get me wrong.  This is not a story about blood and gore but a story about love and social issues that the marginalized of today faces.  As these PDS were rehabilitated by the government and sent back home for reintegration, they face hostility and threat from the community members due to the fear that was being fueled by their vicar.  This social conflict echoes some of the social conflicts present day minorities faces from a hostile community.  The story was able to portray these PDS as somebody who are a lot like us.  They love, they feel and they are not inherently evil.  They may be different but they are still capable of goodness like us.

I really like this show.  It reminds me so much of the hatred being spread by some bigoted religious organization towards the LGBT community.   And the struggle of the LGBT is close to my heart.  I cried as I watched the PDS struggle with the conflict internally and externally.  And it also helped that the main protagonist PDS of this show is a gay young man.  The acting is convincing and natural.  The make up to make the PDS looks less human are realistic.  And I do not have to repeat that the story is sad yet uplifting.  No awkward unrealistic dialogue.  I will give this show a 4 stars out of 5.

Friday, May 10, 2013

How to spot a fake profile.

Whichever gay social networking site I joined, I always manage to spot a fake profile.  I have been around long enough to know better.  So I will share some tips or tell tale signs that a profile is indeed likely a fake one or falsely represented itself..

-  The profile will probably have no picture.

-  If there is a picture, it will likely be some penis pic or torso pic.  The face will not be shown.

-  If there is a picture with a face, it will likely be just one picture.  No other face pic will be posted.

-  If there are more than one pictures that show the face, it will likely be pictures taken from the same moment.  Meaning the pictures were taken at a photo shot.   e.g. pictures taken by the pool or in the same room with the same clothes and background.  They were not pictures taken at different events/places.

-  If the pictures were too professionally done, it is likely a fake pic of some internet model.  Not the professionally done type taken at photo studio but the professionally done type taken by professional photographers at a photo shoot prior to filming the porn scene of the model.  Candid pics at a picnic/school are more believable.  Pictures taken in front of mirrors are also believable.  Better yet, pictures taken with tourist attractions are more likely taken by the an actual person during his travels thus rendering it authenticity.

-  If the profile have very little information in it, there is a high chance it is fake.  Real people do put information about themselves.

-  If the profile sent you an IM or message asking you to write them at their hotmail or yahoo account, it is a fake.  These profiles are just fishing for active email addresses that they can send spam to.

-  If the profile is too good to be true, then be wary.  A hot looking 20 something do not go around wanting to chat or befriend an out of shape 40 something.  Profiles that are a 9 or 10 usually go for other profiles that are 9 or 10.

-  If a profile from some far away land in Russia or Greece all of a sudden shows interest with somebody from rural Idaho or Fargo, then be on your guard.  Many guys do hope to eventually meet some of their online friends in person.  So unless that guy from Russia or Greece plans to visit your place, then be cautious with your dealings.

-  If the height and weight listed in the profile does not match the picture, then it is a fake.   Real people know their height and weight.  Here is an example of a profile I saw at   This fake profile listed his height at 5'5" and his weight at 175#.  These stats does not match the lone picture he posted.  A picture which I might add looks like shot by a photographer for some porn site.

-  If the picture posted looks dated and was taken before the advent of digital photography or phone camera, it is likely not an accurate facsimile of the person.  The profile may not be a fake but a false representation of the person.  Same goes for grainy blurry pictures.  Everybody has access to a digital camera or phone camera.  There is no excuse not to have a current clear picture.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

More guys online who are clueless somehow.

Picless profiles get no love he writes.  In what world did he think his faceless pic will get him some love?

Not here to swap pics he writes.  Yet he ask if anybody is up for NS fun.  So he thinks his faceless pic is enough to entice people to have some "fun" with him?  People will have to ask to see his face and he will have to send it if he is serious about meeting people in person for "fun".

No pic... No chat is his pronouncement.  And his pic of a floor and shoe going to make people want to chat with him???

So he values his privacy too much to have a public picture posted.  Why even bother being in Grindr? He is not going to get anywhere with his picless profile.  

He declares not to bother him if I do not have a picture.  So perhaps if I have a picture of a stuffed dolphin toy I can bother him?

He cares what my face looks like.  A lot.  Yet he did not think that I also care what his face looks like.  A lot.  

Have a face pic please yourself!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Just a delay.... don't fret.

As I go back to the routine of preparing my condo to show to potential buyers, my heart aches at the deal that did not come to fruition. Yes I had a buyer that pulled out of the deal one week before the targeted closing date. I hope they rot in hell for dragging me along and changing their minds.

This whole event made me analyze why I am really upset. The first reason that comes to mind is my desire to start anew in LA. I am done with Chicago for so many reasons. I was just eager to get a new start in LA. But I remind myself that this is just a delay. A bump in the road on my journey to become an Angeleno.  I did not really loose any money from this.  It was not as if I already made any monetary commitment on a house in LA.  I got my deposit back from the POD unit I reserved.  I did not book any nonrefundable airfare or rental car yet.  And I still have work here that keeps me earning money while I wait.  Granting it is a job that I do not care for but it is still work.   What I lost was just roughly 1 month of time that I could have shown my place to a serious buyer.   Oh well, nothing much can be done at this point but wait again for somebody to make an offer on my place.  Just a delay I remind myself.