Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why I don't like (hate) MaSha

Some of my friends know that I do not really care for Maria Sharapova. In fact I hate her a little. It is not just that I do not like her or is indifferent to her, I detest her to a degree. In fact I would not purposely buy the products she endorses. One might ask why? What has Maria Sharapova done to deserve this loathing? Well I have 3 main reasons.

1. I can not stand the shrieking on court during her tennis matches. It is simply just annoying. And to think that she does not shriek on practice. So what is the deal with the screaming?

2. She still claims to be proud of being a Russian when considering that she has lived longer here in the USA than she has in Russia. Considering that she even sounds like a valley girl when she talks in English and she can not speak fluent Russian. Other Russian players laughs at her broken Russian. Considering that she owes her endorsements (that has made her very very rich) to American society and capitalism. So why doesn't she embrace being an American? Plenty of European immigrate to the States and adopt American citizenship. Why does she clink to her being Russian when so little of her is truly Russian. If she truly loves being Russian, why doesn't she live in Russia instead of Florida? Sounds like she is a hypocrite.

3. And lastly, I must admit I am envious of her. How can somebody who is already blessed with good looks still be good at tennis and earn millions of dollars? That is not fair! She does not need my patronage when she already has so much. hahaha I know I am being petty with my last reason but it is what is it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gay Pride all over

Happy Gay Pride! This month, the GBLT community celebrate its pride. And most of the Pride Parade is major cities are held today. Here are some random images I got in the web showing pride parade celebration all over.

Toronto, Canada shows its pride

Pride parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pride parade is Manila, Philippines

Pride celebration in front of the British Museum in London

Pride Parade in Tel Aviv, Israel

Los Angeles Pride Parade

Chicago Pride parade with Miss Foozie (local gay celebrity)

New York City Pride parade

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Therasys got its Karma payback.

I just heard from a woman that I use to work with at Therasys that the company went bankrupt 2 years ago. This was news to me cause I have cut off all ties with that company when I left them. This was indeed a good news. I thought Therasys deserved their demise as a payback for their bad practices.

4 years ago I worked for Therasys. They hired me as the clinic manager of the Northshore Wilmette PT Clinic. Then 4 months after hiring me, they decided to make me a traveling PT to cover all the different clinics they have all over the North and NorthWest suburbs. The decision to change my job description was not because of my poor performance but rather because they want to bring the relative of one of the people who work for the Northshore Medical practice in Wilmette as the clinic manager. So basically it was nepotism at work. I was so pissed off with this that after two months of commuting for more than an hour each way just to go to work at some far flung clinic, I called it quits. Plus they do not support their therapist against unreasonable Physicians who they admit themselves was just trying to flex his muscles in the practice.

So I say, good for you Therasys. You deserved it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ask others to take your picture

One summer day at the beach has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. It started when my friend Ernie asked me to take our group picture that included him. I did not really care to take the picture and another friend volunteered to take it instead but Ernie insisted that I take the pic. As he approach to hand me the camera, it was still hooked on his wrist so that resulted to us dropping the camera on the sand as I was taking it from his hand. Sand got in the lens and the camera needed to be repaired/cleaned. On subsequent conversation with Ernie, he said that it was my fault cause I grab the camera from him hastily. From my point of view, he did not take the time to prepare the camera as often in the past before handing it to me. He was distracted as in the past. Often in the past when he asked someone (including me) to take his picture, the camera would still be close/off or the setting would still be in the preview setting. He does not prepare the camera properly for the taker of the picture so it will be ready to just point and shoot. Of course the camera was not ready again as he handed it to me this time. Hence this resulted to the camera falling on the sand. Ernie asked me to pay half of the cost to repair/clean the camera. I told him I will cause I felt it is not worth loosing a long friendship over this incident. I thought it is fair that I pay half of the repair cost cause I was involved in the dropping of the camera whether I was a willing participant or not. But this does not prevent me from feeling really very annoyed about the situation. It is a sour taste in my mouth that I know will linger. My reaction now is to just refuse altogether to take his picture using his camera but that seemed highly unrealistic if we are to remain as friends. Ugh!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cubs Vs Yankees

Mike came all the way here just to watch the Cubs vs Yankees inter-league game. So I got us (Mike, Tom, Pinky and me) 4 tickets for the June 19 game and joined him in this event that I did not really care about. But it was all about the company rather than the actual game.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poetry by J: Naughty killed Happy

Little Miss Happy sat on a chair.
Her dress so pretty and ever so red.
Laces and tassels nothing to compare.
Guess like a maid ready to wed.

Come Mister Naughty bad as can be.
Charging to Happy roaring and all.
Horns and fangs so frightening to see.
Hideous face makes Happy appalled.

"Oh help me!" cried out Miss Happy.
"Oh save me!" repeated the maid.
"You are mine!" echoed by Naughty.
Dragged her away to death she laid.

PS. This is my attempt at poetry when I was in High School.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

X Men First Class is first place.

Saw X Men: First Class tonight. I had no expectations about it except that it would be one of those popular movie that everybody would watch. I don't even remember much the other X Men movies but I had the impression that they were fun action adventure kind of movie. So when my friends asked if I want to see it tonight, I joined them without hesitation.

I like how this movie connected the storyline to the previous movies. This movies explained pretty well how the characters evolved to how we know them now from the previous movies. A little bit of human drama also added points to the movie plus the action did not disappoint. And the guy who played Magneto (Michael Fassbender) was handsome that you can't help but relate to him and not hate him. Kevin Bacon who played the bad guy Sebastian Shaw was just right. Bad enough but not overly bad. Two of the actors from the previous X Men even had a cameo.

I saw 4 1/2 star out of 5. The best of all the X Men movies I say. Go watch it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Under the tree.

As I walked Janet around the neighborhood this past 2 months, I have noticed how some just blossoming trees looked so nice from the view under. The leaves are just coming out so it does not obscure the light from above completely. So I decided to take some photo. My kind of artistic attempt at photography.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Israel Trip - Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This is the holiest of Christian sites, but my experience here did not feel holy or sacred at all. The place was jam packed with people trying to squeeze with each other just to get to some alter. Our guide was barely able to tell us anything significant about the things inside because of the chaos. There were people touching and kissing some slab of stone which I later found out to be the Stone of Unction. The very stone where Jesus was supposedly laid after he was brought down from the cross. So mama seeing that people were touching the stone joined in the touching. She knew it was important but did not know why. There were many altars all over the place and many religious folks dressed in different garbs. From the outside, the church was an architectural mess. From what I gathered, certain sections were added at different times so there was no observable form I was able to discern. To top the unappealing experience, it was very warm inside and outside the church so I just want it to be over with to get back to the cool hotel.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Weird names are not cool.

Why do some of the celebrities give their child weird names? What is wrong with solid names like Mike, John, Tom, Susan or Nancy? But no, they have to give their child weird or foreign sounding names to prove that they are cool and unconventional. Whatever! As I read People Magazine, I come across these weird names like Suri, Satyana, Krishna, Shiloh, Apple, Zuma and Knox to name a few. My eyes would be rolling cause as far as I am concern, they might as well call their child Vaginina, Armpita or Assholita.

Friday, June 03, 2011

No value reality shows

I must say our current TV is full of mindless no value reality shows. What do these show have to offer? Other than an occasional good looks on its participants? These people in these reality shows have no talents at all and often times are not pleasing to look at too! What these people have is a thick skin to air out their dirty laundry for the public to consume and ogle at. Many viewers say that these shows are their guilty pleasures. They are guilty cause they know these shows have no real value. I for one do not waste my time watching them. I only come across these shows if they follow another show I am watching. Then I would hastily change the channel on realizing these no value reality shows are on.

Examples of these no value reality shows are: Bachelor, Bachelorette, Jersey Shores, Real Housewives of WHEREVER, Kardashians, Khloe & Lamar and Holley's World. I am sure I am missing some more but you get it.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

True Blood season 4 teaser

I must say Hoyt has gotten hotter and hotter each season. His girlfriend is one lucky vampire! I am surely teased. Season 4 starts June 26, 2011.