Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I am going shopping!

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Slobs are still slobs at the gym

Gym goers have 3 major goals generally speaking.  One is to loose weight and be slimmer.  Two is to build muscle and look better.  And third is to be healthy.  Whatever their goals, the bottom line is "work" is needed to burn calories, build muscle and train the cardiopulmonary system.  And work is done by lifting weights or doing cardio activities.    Lifting weights can make them loose weight and build muscles. 

I have seen this in all the different gyms I have gone to.  And it is the same for my current gym here California.  People who lift weights do not bother to re-rack or return the weights they have used to the proper places.  The result?  A big mess and pile of weights are all over the place.  I often could barely find the particular weights I needed to use.  So I post this question.  Why would they not do the extra work to return or re-rack the weights?  Because this extra effort translates to extra work that will lead to the achievement of their goal which is to loose weight, build muscle or become healthy.  Why would they just leave those weights where they have finished using them?  Why?  Why?  Why?

The answer is simple.  Because slobs are slobs where ever they go.  It is their nature to be messy and slovenly.  Organization and cleanliness elude their personality.  The notion that doing an extra work to re-rack and return weights to the proper places does not simply occur to them.   The next time I see a person not returning or re-racking the weights, bet my bottom dollar their home is mess.