Saturday, April 30, 2011

Florian Mayer

Florian is another ATP cutie that caught my attention. He was awarded ATP newcomer of the year for 2004. His ranking is nothing to write home about. He has not won any ATP title. But those are all not important as far as this blog is concern. It is all about how pleasing he looks like playing.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I finally got Largemouth Bass!

My new 29 gallon tank house these 3 largemouth bass. I have been fascinated by the feeding habit of these predatory fishes that I waited one year before finally having one. I tried to fish these fish from the lake last summer but it was unsuccessful. So I placed an order to the Dekalb county SWCD for these fish. They only do it once a year in the spring and I have to drive 1.5 hour to get there before 9 am. That meant waking up at 5 am to feed and walk the dog and then drive to Dekalb for these fish. Now that I have them, I could not be happier with them. Can't wait till they get big enough to eat lizards or mice!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Help me ID this fish

I am calling anybody out there who can help me identify what kind of african cichlid this is. Or is this even an african cichlid? I remember buying it from Petco and it was classified under assorted african cichlid. Now I am just not sure cause it sure looks like a new world cichlid. It eats live minnows and worms too.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mike Bradecich

I like this guy from the USPS commercial in TV. He is cute in a regular guy kind of way. A lil chunky but with an adorable smile. I want a BF just like him. From what I read, he started his acting here in Chicago. Too bad I never got to see his shows or bumped into him at all.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I want to know what happened.

There has been some situations when my friends have seen one particular show I am about to watch or read one particular book I am about to read. And in those occasions, they refuse to tell me what happened even when I told them that I want to know. Since they don't want to know what happened before they have seen a show or read a book, they insist that I should not know too. That is sort of annoying really since they are deciding what I want instead of giving me what I want.

In one of those occasion, I asked my friend who died in the Harry Potter book that she has read already. She will not tell me despite of me saying that I want to know. Despite explaining that I am not one of those person who wants the suspense, she still won't tell me insisting that it will ruin it for me. She still did not tell me even after I explained that it will not ruin it for me cause I am not like her. Well I got tired of trying to pry it out of her that I just gave up feeling annoyed.

In another occasion, I tried to borrow the CD of a musical we are about to watch. She insist that she will only lend me the CD if I won't listen to some of the songs she has indicated cause it will ruin the story for me. I told her that I want to know what happened cause it will help me understand and appreciate the musical more when I actually see the show just like with Miss Saigon. I have listened to the CD of Miss Saigon so many time that I can sing along with the lyrics before I saw the musical. And guess what? It did not ruin it for me. I still left the show crying even though I already knew the main character died. Since my friend won't lend me the CD unless I promised not to listen to all the songs, I just told her NEVER MIND lending the CD. I was left put out again by her insisting she knows what is best for me.

In fact when I watch a tennis match, I get too nervous that I could not bear to watch it. When I know that the player I am routing for won, then I can watch the game and enjoy it. The suspense is actually limiting me from enjoying the match. So I really really get irritated when my friends try to control what information I should know cause they think I am like them. It is rather presumptuous and arrogant of them.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ron Weasley and his fits of jealousy

Harry and Ron fought twice in the whole Harry Potter series but they always end up reconciling their differences. As I was watching the scene where Ron fought with Harry in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 movie, I got reminded of the other occasion when Ron and Harry fought. It was in the Harry Potter and the Goblets of Fire when Ron thought Harry joined the Tri-wizard Tournament seeking glory and fame. Ron was jealous of Harry then and he seemed prone to irrational jealousy against Harry. Thank goodness JK Rowling (author) decided to have Ron and Hermione fall in love rather than Harry and Hermione. Just think how jealous and insecure Ron would have been? And what is ironic, Harry should be the one, I think, who would be jealous of what Ron has.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Israel Trip - Jerusalem Archeological Park

By the time we visited the Jerusalem archeological Park, I have seen enough ancient ruins to fill my quota for a year. Despite of the historical significance of the dug up ruins, I was left bored. Mama did not even bother to go with us. She was tired and just stayed by the entrance to rest her weary legs. Nothing spectacular per se with what we saw if one does not know what it is. The ruins we saw were remains of King Herod's second temple. Yes, the time of Jesus Christ. So those steps and pavements that were evacuated meticulously could have been the very steps and pavements where Jesus once walked on. Pretty fancy if you think of it that way.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

My ideal house

These Georgian homes are the ideal house for my aesthetic. I love that the door is in the middle and as you enter, the living room in on one side and the dinning room is on the other side. There is an east/west or north/south wing of the house. Everything looks so symmetrical from the outside.

In my neighborhood, I have seen houses with symmetrical design from the outside. Since the city lots where the houses are built are more long than wide, most houses can't have that typical Georgian house design. Still I have found some beautiful houses with symmetrical architecture.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Enzo or Janet?

This past weekend, I got a chance to dog sit Enzo again. This time, I noticed something not so nice about Enzo and it made me like my lil fat Janet more.

For starters, Enzo has this top dog/alpha dog mentality. Is it because he got spoiled by his daddies at home? Not sure. But he often likes to take whatever toy Janet is playing with. Once he has it, he will lose interest in the toy and go for the next toy that Janet has. He also likes to growl at Janet to prevent her from going close me or to the next room. When we are walking, he pulls on the leash trying to dictate where we go. Well it won't work for me so he end up choking on his collar. Hope he learned his lesson. Also sometimes, he would be aggressive on the other dogs we meet while walking. Normally he will ignore people but he will only be interested with the people we meet when he sees Janet getting the attention from that person. It's all about him him him. When I am feeding them, Enzo would gobble his food so fast and then go to Janet trying to get her food. I now separate them on different rooms during feeding. Besides the alpha mentality of Enzo, he also has major separation anxiety. He barks and barks when being left at home with Janet. On the other hand, my Janet never growls at dogs. She always love to meet other dogs and people. She only pulls on the leash if she want to go towards the dog or people she sees in the street. She is totally mellow and has accepted that she is not alpha. Well she probably learned that I am alpha in our household. And Janet never barks when I leave the house. Dunno if that is good cause she does not seem to care if I leave. haha But she is always eager to see me on my return.

Now Enzo is not without good qualities. When we walk, he does not have fuss about doing number 1 and number 2. So walking him is a breeze. Within 5 minutes, he has done his business. He is sometimes playful and friendly to Janet which is really nice. They get to have their exercises with all the play fight they do often. And he does not whines or moans when he needs something. Janet on the other hand is a major whiner/moaner when she is hungry or wants to be pet. Kinda annoying cause she seems to be hungry always or she wants plenty of cuddling like most lap dog. And it takes here literally 3x longer than Enzo to do her toilet business outside. That slow pace goes the same for her eating although not that slow.

So do I still like Enzo more than Janet as I did before? Not anymore. I will stick to my fat baby.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Yes it is just you!!! Stupid!!!

"Is it just me?" is the title of this gay themed movie I just watched. Like most other gay themed movie, the plot was weak. The acting and picture quality were good, but the story was a lil annoying. It is about this average looking smart guy (Blaine) who is not into casual gay sex but more into relationship. His roommate (Cameron) on the other hand is this hot looking muscle guy who is superficial and gets a lot of casual sex. Blaine met this guy online (Xander) who is sweet and cute too. Blaine and Xander totally hit it off online and in the phone with their similar personality and values. Cameron used Blaine's online account so he posted his picture on the profile. So Xander now thought Blaine looks like Cameron. When the time comes to meet, chaos ensues. So Blaine, instead of correcting the misunderstanding, initially backed off and let the misunderstanding get worse. Totally something a rational person would not do. Only an annoying sissy kind of person with such low self esteem would do. Ugh! Of course Xander eventually found out the person/name confusion and got really upset. So now Blaine is all sad and devastated about his lost. While Blaine is pining over what could have been, I did not feel sympathetic for him at all. All I could say was good for you stupid. Well, like any gay or straight love story out there, Blaine did end up with Xander after they made up and kiss. The sweet ending redeemed the movie a lil for me. The good looking actors also did make it worth finishing the movie.

2 stars out of 5.