Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The buddhist took over the funeral service.

At the wake of my friend Jasmine, his buddhist friends pretty much made the funeral service into some kind of buddhist gathering.  Granting that Jasmine's partner and family allowed it, it made the funeral service into some kind of a cult gathering that is alien to at least 2/3 of the attendees.  There was chanting in the beginning for 5 minutes, then another chanting in the middle of the service for another 5 minutes and at the end another chanting for a long time.  The chanting was only significant to those buddhist friends of Jasmine.  To the rest of his family and friends who were not buddhist, it was just weird.  Jasmine's buddhist friend also had some lecture on buddhism.  It felt like they were trying to convince us to join their religion.  Perhaps they were indeed trying to recruit the non buddhist.  It made the funeral service into some buddhist service that I would never go to.  I just hope it was Jasmine's wish that she gets a buddhist funeral service.  Otherwise, those buddhist were out of line.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Funeral service newbie

I could not recall an instance in the past that I have to go to a funeral wake/service.  When my father and paternal grandmother passed, I was here in the States and did not go home for the funeral.  I was still a toddler when my paternal grandfather passed.  I was a kid shipped to my dad when my maternal grandmother passed.   When my dear aunt and uncle passed, I was also here in the States and was unable to go home for their wake.  I did not know anybody who passed away that necessitate my going to a funeral wake/service here in the States.    So before the funeral of my friend Jasmine, I did not have the experience on how to dress for a funeral wake/service.  When I went to my friend Jasmine's funeral service, I decided to wear jeans, gym shoe and a dark casual light coat.  Upon arriving at the funeral home, I came to the realization that I was underdressed.  Every man at the funeral service were dressed in a dark suit.  Some wore a tie and others did not but they all wore dress pants, sport coat and formal shoes.  It did not occur to me to dress formally.  It did not occur to me to search my memory on what I have seen in the movie/TV on how men dress for funeral.  I was just a friend paying my last respect to my deceased friend and had no special role to play in the funeral service so I just dressed casually.  And  even if I knew that I needed a suit for a funeral service, I don't think I have one to use anyway.  I got rid of my out of style suits and don't own a dark suit.  I would have to resort to wearing a dark dress pant, dark dress shirt and dark leather shoe in lieu of a suit.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lousy Meritain Health Insurance

For the most of my years here in the USA, I had Blue Cross Blue Shield as insurance.  And for the most of that time, I have been going to Parkwest Medical for my health needs.  Recently, I got a new lousy insurance from this equally lousy job, CPT.  It is Meritain Health.  Since I had this Meritain Health insurance, I have been having issues with services that was fine/better when I had the BCBS insurance.  The blood work-up from Quest Diagnostics I had was not handled properly.  Twice I got the same bill from Quest Diagnostic because Meritain Health did not send the EOB (explanation of benefits) to Quest Diagnostic.  I called them to fax it to Quest and it was not done cause I got another bill one month later.  I have to call them again to have the EOB faxed.  Then when I tried to have my prescription filled, Meritain did not cover one of my medication and the copayment for the other was a lot more than what I have been paying with BCBS.  And thirdly, the doctors visit copayment was also substantially more with Meritain Health than with BCBS.

Obviously, lousy insurance give you lousy service.  You get what you pay for.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

More profiles that makes me say "whatever"

He says his favorite part is the face.  So why does he obscure his face with his hand and a sunglass?

So he complains that ATHLETE76 did not unlock for him as agreed on after he unlocked for ATHLETE76. This is exactly the type of game he could have avoided had he just posted his face pic to begin with. This is the type of "unlock for unlock" game people play. It harkens to the days of AOL chat rooms when people play that "send to receive" game. I say serves him right for playing the game.

If we all have face pics in our profile, nobody has to be annoyed about asking to unlock. What is more annoying is the fact that this guy won't play fair. And to think he is supposedly looking for a relationship.

He asked "what is up with guys not putting their age on here?"  I say "what is up with guys not putting their face on here?"  Pot calling the kettle black.

He has a good point in saying that a guy who walks up to another with a paper bag over his head won't get a response. So why does he think his headless profile will get any attention from people? So based on his mentality that he will only unlock to people he likes, he can walk up around in a bar with a paper bag and will only unveil for those he likes.

This guy has done everything he could to hide his ethnicity. First, he conveniently omitted his race in his profile. Second, he conveniently hide his face that will reveal his ethnicity. Third, he used a sepia mode in his picture that will conveniently hide his skin tone that can reveal his ethnicity. Guess what, if his ethnicity is an issue for some people he tries to attract with his chest pic, it will still be an issue whether he reveals his race now or later after they chatted. And does he really want to attract a person who has race issue? His attempts to hide his race is a futile and pointless endeavor.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Picky but does not have the doe for it.

After watching many episodes of House Hunters in HGTV, I have seen all these unrealistic potential buyers which have a long list of "must haves" but does not have the money for it. In a realistic world, only rich people with unlimited budget can have a house they build that will have exactly all the "must haves" in their list. The rest of us regular people with a budget will have to compromise on some of the "must haves" in our list. We should be contend with having majority of the "must haves" in our list when buying.

I have seen these unrealistic buyers personally while selling my condo.  At a price of $175,000 for a two bedroom one bath with parking in a great neighborhood, I think my condo is very reasonably priced.  I see many of these potential buyers complaining that my place is in the first floor or that the kitchen is separate from the dinning room or that the bathroom/kitchen is small.  Heck for 175, you get what you are willing to pay.  Semi beggars can't be choosy.  If they want all those things, then they need to up their budget to get that kind of place in this neighborhood.  Many of these potential buyers think their money can buy all those things when in fact it can't.


Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thursday, October 04, 2012

梅花 and 中華民國頌

鄧麗君 sings 梅花 and 中華民國頌. Two iconic Chinese songs that evokes nationalism amongst Chinese.


Monday, October 01, 2012

What an Idiot!

I got a note from my current work saying that they need my email address. It says that they will withhold my paycheck if I do not supply them my email address. The instruction is to supply my email by faxing it or emailing it to denise@xxxrehab.com. What I find really idiotic is I have been communicating with Denise via email prior to my hiring. So this Denise have my email address. Somehow she did not update their record so they resort to a threat. What an idiot! So I called her to tell her that she has my email since I sent her my photo for the ID via email. But she insisted that it is SOP that I still need to send them a fax or email her again to give my email address. I think she is just covering up her stupidity and inefficiency with this SOP thing. Some people can be such a numbskull!