Sunday, April 29, 2012

I can't shake off the "thin" image

Most people who know me since I was a child or since college seems to be stuck with the image that I still am a thin guy.  I have gained meat the past 5-10 years that I no longer wear a size small for American sizes and a size medium for Filipino sizes.  So no matter how many times I have told my friends that I no longer fit on a small when we go shopping at GAP or that I now wear a large or even XL when shopping for  clothes back in the Philippines, they still manage to always buy me clothes that are too small.  Recently a friend of mine went home and she was kind enough to get me a T-shirt from the Philippines.  And I have told her several times that I am a large and even an XL back home, she still brought me a size Medium T-shirt.  Of course when I got home and donned the shirt, it was too tight on the arm hole and chest.  Sigh....  It is so frustrating cause I happen to really like the T-shirt she got me.  Now I have to cut the sleeve off and make it a muscle shirt.  And it looked weird after cutting the sleeves.  Even my mom whom I have told many times before she came here to get me an XL shirt from Oxygen and Pennshoppe back in the Philippines still got me size Large shirts.  Of course they were too small when I tried them on.  Everybody still thinks I am this thin guy from 20 years ago.  Really, what does it take to let them realize that I am no longer a thin guy.  Ugh!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

REALLY? take two

If you are going to advertise yourselves as 2 goodlooking masculine guys, better show 2 guys. Really?


Really? What is this? 1995 in AOL chatrooms where everybody have the "send to receive" policy on showing face pictures? And the audacity to demand to see a face pic when they themselves do not have one shown.


Really? A black and a patterned background as your picture? Is that suppose to be enticing or inviting for people to want to get to know you? Might as well not go online since nobody would want to talk to you.

At first I thought it was just some online way of writing "U" instead of "YOU" but clearly this guy does not know how to spell.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Jesus" does not rhyme with "you".

Conversation in an elevator:
ME: He is 2, you're 4 and we're on 6.
WOMAN: 2 4 6 8, who do you appreciate?
Jesus, Jesus. We love you.
ME: Jesus does not rhyme with you.
WOMAN: Everything rhymes with Jesus. (with conviction)
ME: "You" obviously does not rhyme with "Jesus".
We need to find another word that rhymes with Jesus.
WOMAN: I don't care if you find a word that rhymes with Jesus. (angrily)

The is the kind of unreasonable, unyielding and blind Christian fanaticism that gives Christianity a bad name. How can she be upset that it was pointed out that the name Jesus does not rhyme with the word you. It just don't. And it is not a reflection on Jesus or Christianity itself. The two words just do not rhyme. Period. This is the same kind of religious fanaticism that led millions to kill in the name of their God. Fanaticism that fails to see reason and flaw in their actions. Think of Jihad. Think of the crusade in the middle ages. Ugh!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

2 weeks later at my new work.

I just finished my first 2 weeks at my new work. Indeed it was hectic and tiring as I expected. It was nursing home type work that I knew it would be so no surprises there. I had a realistic expectation about it so I am not complaining. So far I am loving the 10 minute commute. I have yet to try the bike to work option when the weather is warmer so I do not have to bundle up just to go to work. My co-workers are OK. My boss proved himself to be an easy going guy. And I like the flexibility of the schedule as long as I did my 40 hours and I have seen my patients. On top of that, I get free lunch everyday. So my lunch break is just 15 minute long and I get to stay shorter at work. So far so good I say. Can't wait to see my first big paycheck which would be a thrill after doing part time work for a year. And I am liking keeping myself productive and busy so far.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Star Spangled Banner full version.

I have pledged allegiance to the USA many years ago. And since I was naturalized as a citizen of the USA, I have not really learned the national anthem. It was not required for citizenship to begin with. But recently, I wanted to learn how to sing it. So I goggled the lyrics and boy was I surprise to learn that it is 4x longer that what I have heard it sang before. Obviously, during events when people sing the Star Spangled Banner, people only sing the first stanza. Now I wonder how many Americans can really sing all the 4 stanzas of the poem. In fact I wonder how many Americans can sing the first stanza. Here is the lyrics of all 4 stanzas.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Multi themed dream

"I just landed on an airport and I need to get to my next plane cause I only got 7 minutes. I did not really know how to get to the next gate the fastest but someone told me I should follow the luggage porter. This porter was lugging 2 big luggages on his back as he runs across a knee high grass field towards the other building where they have more gates. So I frantically followed this porter across the field. When I got there, I saw several check in counter that were close but there were people behind them somewhat busy working on some paper work. So I keep on searching for an open counter and that led me down via an escalator where more counters could possibly be open. It was a lot busier with people and activity on the lower level and I just could not find a check in counter. Instead of counter, there were small food court kind of stations. As I was desperately looking for a sign of my airline, I run into a high school friend. It was Hayley. I asked her where to find my airline counter. She pointed me further down and I proceed to rush towards that direction. Then I run into 2 more high school friends Cristina and Narra. I asked them where to find my airline counter."

This was a vivid dream I had. There were several themes in it. Running late, looking for direction, getting lost and finding old friends. What does all of these mean???

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I am beautiful because I am Asian?

"You are beautiful brother, I adore Asian men."

That is the email I received in In as much that I always appreciate a compliment but what he said did not really sound like a compliment. It sounded to me that I am beautiful only because I am Asian. He is obviously a "rice queen" which by itself is not a bad thing. But if he is the kind of rice queen who finds 99% of asian men to be beautiful, then his compliment does not feel like a real compliment. I want to be beautiful to him because I am really beautiful to him and not because of my race. I want to feel I stand out amongst my peers.
His intent was to compliment me and I did thank him accordingly. I suppose I should just be happy I got a compliment even if it is because of my race.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Happy Birthday Jopeti

Jopeti will prolly not even see this but let me greet him a good birthday. May he have many more healthy years to come.