Wednesday, June 30, 2010

too fat to board the Harry Potter ride

I came across articles online that some fat patrons of the Harry Potter Forbidden Ride were forbidden to board the ride because they were too fat. Evidently there is a test chair that one has to fit first before one is allowed to board the ride. And this procedure is obviously for safety reasons.

One fat Utah woman was angry for being forbidden to board the ride and for being humiliated by it. She wants Universal studios to have more public warnings about the size restriction of the ride.

I do not feel sorry at all for the morbidly fat people forbidden to board the ride. It is about time these people take responsibility for their weight. If they are too fat, then they should loose weight so they can board the Forbidden ride. After all obesity is a big problem in this country and it is not only a problem to the fat person but also a burden to the whole society. Thin and healthy tax payers are shouldering the financial cost of medical issues arising from obesity. I personally am tired of seeing all these preventable medical issues if one only manages to control their weight.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogging and me - ID concealment

Once in a while I will be blogging about some people I do not like but it is deem prudent that their identity be concealed. Sometimes I will be blogging about some people I know who I do not necessarily hate, so it is even more apropos that I do not reveal their true identity. Their privacy ought to be protected. These blog entries are often a way for me to learn a lesson or for me to remember an event that happened. But I must admit that there are times I blog about people I hate just to trash them and for me to vent my anger. And you know about cyber space, what one enters here can sometimes come back to bite us in the ass. Regardless of how one thinks the blog entry will not be read by the subject of the negative comments, it is just a smart practice to conceal their identity. So I have decided to add a new category on my blog called "True ID concealed"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pride 2010

Happy Gay Pride to all the Homos, queers, lesbos, Fags, Dikes, Trannies and bi. This weekend the GLBT communities of Chicago, SF, NYC and other major cities in the US celebrate gay pride parade. For my hometown Chicago, it is the 41st pride parade taking place in East Lakeview this Sunday June 27, 2010. The GLBT community needs to remember to take pride in who we are and not let others deny us our basic rights in the eye of the law that they enjoy. Also do not let them give power to derogatory terms they use to bully us with. Those words/terms have only power if we let them. Let us all unite and celebrate!

*pics from 2008 and 2009 pride parade of Chicago.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Monsters are created, not born.

It was said in Desperate Housewives that monsters are created and not born. They were referring to the killer character that turned that way because his mother screamed and laughed at him always on top of belittling him. This psychological maltreatment by his mother since he was small led him to turn into a psychologically disturbed killer.

My up stair neighbor is a screaming crazy banshee. I have heard her scream profanities many time to her daughter since the first day we were neighbors. And I just experienced first hand screaming from her the other day. I have talked to at least 3 people who she has unleashed her white trash screaming craziness before. The other day, the ceiling on my toilet started leaking water. This was obviously coming from her bathroom so when I called her about getting her toilet fixed to stopped the leaking, she screamed at me. So I called the association to deal with her directly.

She obviously has a temper and is psychologically unstable to be always screaming at people. And just today, I saw her now 14 year old daughter screaming back at her. Where did the girl learn to scream? Of course from her unstable role model, the mother. The daughter is now turning into a monster just like her mother is. I would not be surprise if the daughter will also be an unwed mother just like mother dearest.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eclipse trailer

Well I am very excited to see the next installment of the Twilight saga: Eclipse this weekend hopefully. One thing I am noticing in the trailer is that the teen vampire (Edward and Alice) are looking a little older when they are not suppose to be. I am just nit picking. Still would enjoy it I am sure.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


"Chamba" is a filipino term to signify a random goodluck. And that is the very term I would describe the win of Francesca Schiavone in the french open against Samantha Stosur. Both have very little great achievements to booast and I thought their finals appearance at the French Open was "chamba", although not entirely. They can play tennis alright but not consistently great to label them true champions and icons in the sports. And I was proven right this week by their first round exit at the Wimbledon. Obviously "chamba" was not with them in Wimbledon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Deterrent to people texting and talking in the cellphone while driving.

I have voiced my disapproval on people using their cellphone without a hands-free device or texting while driving many times in the past. Still I see many people in the road doing it. When ever I see them, I am so tempted to chastise them for their risky behavior that not only endangers themselves but also others including me!

I think the only real solution and deterrent for these people is to see death of someone who are very dear to them because of texting and cellphone use while driving. Somebody dear to them has to be in an accident because another was texting or using the cellphone while driving. Then it will be a wake up call for them to stop these stupid practice. Really can the phone call wait? If it can not, then at least equip themselves with hands-free device to make that phone call safer for everybody. And texting while driving is an absolute NO NO! That is just plain idiotic.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guess where?

Here is one art decoration in one of the building here in Chicago. It struck me as something interesting and I was more surprised because I did not expect to see it in that particular part of Chicago. Anybody know where?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The new "Limang Dipang Tao"

Here is a video of a song that I have loved since I was still in college back in the Philippines. It is a catchy tune and very uniquely Filipino. Composed by no other than Ryan Cayabyab. A new rendition by this cute band called Barbie's Cradle.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kiss the Girl

Another favorite disney movie of mine. Little Mermaid. Here is Kiss the Girl from the movie.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Joke or not, it makes me uneasy

I am not sure if it is unique to the Filipino culture but we Filipino sometimes joke about asking for money or favor. Like if it is the birthday of somebody we know, we often would jokingly ask him/her to treat us out to a meal. Like if somebody buys a lottery ticket, we would joke that he/she gives us a cut or "balato" if he/she wins big. Like if somebody got a promotion at work, we jokingly would ask him/her to treat us out. Like if somebody goes abroad, we would ask him/her to bring us back a present. Like if somebody goes home to the Philippines from living abroad, we would ask him/her to bring us gifts called "pasalubong". And I believe in every joke, there is a subtext of truth. Is it because most Filipino grew with little means that asking for the graces of others more fortunate considered acceptable? I do not know for sure. But one thing I know, those jokes make me uncomfortable. I personally do not make that kind of joke. I would never ask somebody to treat me out just because it is his/her birthday. Unless it is my immediate family, I would never ask somebody to bring me presents from abroad. I just do not like asking for something from somebody since I have the means to get them myself. Even if I do not have the means, I just have enough pride and dignity not to ask for it. If he/she gives it without me hinting or asking, then that is all fine and dandy. I might accept it but never will I ask for it.

Just the other day at work, I bought 6 tickets for Billy Elliot online for my coworkers since we plan to watch it. When I asked one of my Filipino coworker for the check for her ticket, she joked that thank you should be enough. Initially I just ignored it. Then when I asked again the following day, she joked again that it should just be a "thank you for the ticket". Mind you this woman gets paid more than I do so she has the means to pay for her ticket. But still she jokes about it. Her joke made me uneasy that I just flat out told her it is not funny so she dropped the joke and handed me her check.

Every time I am the recipient of this kind of joke, I feel awkward. I still do not know what to say so I just usually do not respond to it hoping that the beseecher would get the message and move on. Or perhaps I should say how I really feel about it...

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Prince Jake

I went along with my friends to watch Prince of Persia primarily because I want to see Jake Gyllenhaal shirtless. And I must say that decision was a fruitful one cause not only did I get to see Jake shirtless, I also got to see an action packed fantasy story that thoroughly entertained me. The storyline of time travel, treachery and love is exactly the kind of escapism I needed when I see a movie. The special effect was so superb that for 2 hours, I was immersed in ancient Persia with royalties and wily assassins. It must have been a really entertaining movie because for that rare occasion, I did not really mind that Jake had long hair. 4 stars out of 5.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Susan and Veronica

I once had a coworker named Susan and Veronica. They were not really friends at work but they were not enemies either. They just did not get the opportunity to know each other and bond as friends. And I can say the same for Veronica and me. Susan and I remained at work while Veronica moved to LA. Veronica and I kept in touch and I would see her whenever I was in LA. 6 years after Veronica's departure, Susan and I, along with other coworkers, decided to go to LA for a conference. When I suggested to Susan that we should meet up with Veronica, she gave me an exasperated sigh laced with disinterest. My impression was that she felt it was a waste of her time. Upon my encouragement that Veronica is kool and it would be fun, she went along with my suggestion. That reunion of Susan and Veronica led to a discovery that they really both have the same interest and expertise in practice. They started to keep in touch more and became really good friends.

This situation sometimes made me think about how we make friends and how we sometimes prejudge somebody without really knowing them. In my story above, Susan obviously prejudged Veronica as somebody she would not be friends with but she later changed her tune. While I on the other hand, had no preconceived idea on Veronica and just took her as she is. That led me to meet her every time I was in LA and got to know her as somebody kool. I will not say that I am always as open minded about people but I like to think that I should behave more like how I behaved with Veronica. This situation also made me think how user friendly Susan behaved. She seems only open to the idea of friendship if she has something in common with another. And that is not how I like to behave. That is limiting and friendship is something too good to limit ourselves.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Samantha who? Francesca Zamboni?

Call me sourgrapes but this year's Women's finals tomorrow at the French Open is the lamest. Samantha Stosur and Francesca Schiavone? I grant that each of them earned their spot in the finals but having them there is just so unnewsworthy. Both have little achievement to speak of. The two women are fairly unheard of. They are no Venus or Serena or Sharapova or Dementieva or Safina or Justine or Clijsters or Svetlana or Ivanovic or Jankovic. So I venture to say that the telecast here in the States will be fairly unwatched. I for one won't be caring or watching.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Russia's solution to captured pirates

I read in a yahoo news report about piracy that the Russians set the captured pirates 300 miles off of their shore in a small boat without supplies and means of navigation since they feel they have no jurisdiction to try them in Russian court. Their solutions is just as well as a death sentence since these pirates will surely perish marooned out at sea.

I say good for the Russians. I have zero sympathy for these modern day pirates. The same goes for terrorist. As far as I am concern, their lives have no value. They can die anytime. Heck I would even pull the trigger if given the chance.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sex and the City and me.

I know myself. And I know which movie I will enjoy and those I would be annoyed with. So I never listen to the critics and the ratings they give. I give my own rating.

And for Sex and the City 2, I give it a 5 stars out of 5 based solely on how much laughs I got from it. It was pure enjoyment and happiness. It made me escape my mundane problems and for 2 hours, I was immersed in a world of fabulous outfits and exotic locations. And the gratuitous male butt scenes just added icing to the cake. I grant that the movie will appeal probably only to gays and females, it was still cleverly written with plenty of hilarious catch phrases and lines. The movie had a general theme of girl power and friendship that I was able to relate to. And yes, it was probably a little anti-Islam. But considering that the Islamic faith is not the best champion of female rights, a movie that promotes girl power by default would be viewed as anti-Islam. But honestly, I did not care. I did not care that some say the movie is nothing but a fashion show in the middle east. It was still a dame good fashion show. I did not care that the movie, had a very weak conflict to the story line. I would still take it over a movie with a complicated and convoluted conflict and story line that leaves me puzzled at the end.

As I mentioned earlier, I know myself and I knew I would enjoy this movie and it delivered. Can't wait for the 3rd installment of the fabulous Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Sun & Sarcasm

> Others call it gorgeous and tanned, I call it wrinkles and leathery.

> Others call it pale, I call it looking 30 when you are 40.

> Others call it a great sunny day at the beach, I call it Melanoma.

> Give me 70 and overcast anytime over 90 and sunny!

> When I say "wow you are so tanned", I really meant "wow you look like George Hamilton or Donatella Versace".