Sunday, February 20, 2011

Israel Trip - Anunciation Basilica

One of the first significant Christian church that we visited in Israel was the Anunciation Basilica. This is where Mary (Jesus' Mother) received the message from the Angel that she will bear the son of God. Our guide did not narrate how modern day people figured this location as the site of Mary's Anunciation. So that made me wonder if this really happened here. And I will repeat this theme of questioning in the other Holy sites that we visited.
Inside the church compound were images from different countries of their version of the Anunciation of Mary. The church itself was not very ancient looking or spectacularly grand. Under the church compound was some dug up ancient caves. Perhaps that is where Mary lived. I was not sure.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Israel Trip - The Jesus Boat Museum

The Jesus Boat Museum was not in our itinerary but our guide was very good indeed to take us there. I have heard about this ancient boat that was discovered in the Sea of Galilee in the mid 80s. The boat was carbon dated to the time of Jesus Christ. It could have been the very boat that Jesus and his apostle took out fishing as narrated in the Bible. Or it could have been just the same kind of boat that fishermen used during the time of Jesus. There is no way to tell who owned or used this boat so it is rather audacious of them to call it "Jesus Boat". Totally name dropping to garner more popularity and fame. Whatever! Still it was neat to see a very ancient boat.

BTW, outside of the Museum the name posted is "Man in the Galilee Museum" but the official website is Jesus Boat Museum. I do not know what is going on with that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dr. CP strikes again

Dr. CP is a fucker! He complains to management that Physical Therapy do too much to his patients. And if you back down and do less aggressive treatment, he also complain that we did not do this and that. And yet he will not write to the letter in his prescription what he exactly wants done. It is like he wants us to read his minds. What an asshole! He epitomize that God complex that some physician have. I have zero confidence in his abilities as a doctor. I would rather die of cancer or AIDS or something than get treatment from him.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Israel Trip - Mount Zion/King David's Tomb

In one of those days we were in Jerusalem, we visited King David's tomb. I was excited to learn that we were going but upon seeing it, I was sorely disappointed. I expected to see a grand tomb interior but instead it was what looked like a sarcophagus covered with some red cloth/blanket. The space itself was small and there were a couple of people praying. Very plain undeserving of a man of King David's stature and historical significance.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Which 877 cash now is better?

I think the one in the bus is more fun but I do like both commercial... Quite amusing.

Friday, February 04, 2011

I found my own solution.

As a result to my friend Bruno who disappointed me this past holiday/birthday by making me feel so unimportant,I have searched for a solution on how to make me feel important. Yes I have a chip on my shoulder about my birthday since my family and friends have almost always failed to make me feel special that one day in a year when we all ought to feel special about ourselves. My solution would be to allow myself to do something expensive and frivolous during my birthday. I could either do the following:

1. Get a liposuction on my birthday. This is kinda hard to do since my actual birthday is January first and most surgeon will not probably do any elective surgery then. I could opt to do this on my lunar calendar birthday which will fall on December 5 this 2011.

2. Getting a botox also falls in the same predicament as liposuction. Nobody will probably do the actual procedure on New year day.

3. Hire a really hot hustler/escort on New Year day. Very tempting but if I want sex, I could just easily go to a bathhouse. Although nobody really hot will probably want to do it with me in a bathhouse.

4. And lastly, get a spa session at a 5 star hotel downtown. Spa treatment of massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. Total pampering! This is the most feasible option since I already researched and those spa in the high end hotels are open on New Year day. Woohoo! I could even add a nice dinning experience after the spa treatment at those 5 star restaurant of the hotels.

I am so happy at myself for finding a solution to my problem. Since nobody else will and can make me feel special, I will do it myself. Who says money can't buy happiness. As God is my witness, no birthday of mine will past ever again where I did not do anything nice and special to make me feel special.