Monday, September 28, 2015

Arrogant and rude way of stating preference

I have nothing against people stating their preference on online profile in a lot of the gay dating phone apps or websites.  This is a free world and it is perfectly reasonable that some people like certain particular kind of people.  What I find distasteful is the way some of these profile state their preference.  They could easily say " I want to meet XXX or YYY guys", but instead they make it sound that certain group of people are lepers or literal trolls.  Just arrogant and rude.  Here are examples of these kind of profiles.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Antivaxxer, gluten free, etc etc

I worked with this woman who was my manager from a previous job.  She is white, college educated, middle age and middle class.  She only eats gluten free food and she talks about glutathione like she is a chemist or nutritionist or medical doctor.  She is the type of person who have enough education on some liberal arts degree to know how to search the internet and understand the surface of some scientific facts and then forms a conviction on something that is controversial in the scientific community at best.  I find these kind of demographic quite annoying.  They are the type who easily joins a bandwagon on some exercise fad like pilates or some food fad like gluten free without truly understanding that fad.  Some of these fads are harmless and perhaps marginally helpful while some are downright harmful.  And one of these harmful fad this demographic tends to have strong opinion on is the anti-vaccination.  They believe claims that have been refuted by an overwhelming majority of the experts in that particular scientific world.  To top it off, they don't even understand fully what they are believing in.  They are educated but not on the right education to be an expert on the very fad they hold a strong conviction on.  So annoying.  So stupid.  If I hear of an antivaxxer mother, I instantly picture that ex manager of mine.  And the thought of her makes my eye roll.

Monday, September 07, 2015