Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Realistic or selling yourself short.

They say that we are the worst critic for ourselves. We often exaggerate the negative in ourselves, which I think is a defense mechanism. We find ourselves to be too fat, too old, too unattractive or whatever than we really are as perceived by an objective 3rd party observer. I, at least, do. I would rate my attractiveness at a conservative lower number than another might. So when it comes to finding a potential mate, I would often go for somebody who are my level of "hotness". If I fancy myself to be a 6 in a 1-10 scale of "hotness", I would pursue somebody who are somewhere between a 5 to a 7. If I see somebody who is obviously a 9 to 10, I would not even bother pursuing that person because I am realistic that he is out of my league. He is simply too handsome, too young, too buff or whatever for me to realistically get. And often it is the case. Although on rare occasion, I would see a mismatched couple wherein one is a 9 and the other is no more than a 5. So how did this happen? I don't know. Perhaps the 9 has imperceptible flaws and the 5 has imperceptible good qualities to compensate. And I am sure beyond my physical attributes that I score at a 6/10, I have other good qualities that can land me an 9/10. Doable? Perhaps. But on the other hand, the pragmatic and realistic side of me would rather not bother with a 9/10 in fear of rejection. So am I selling myself short by not trying to show that 9/10 that I have other inner qualities beyond my physical looks of 6/10 that might interest him? Perhaps... I bet that 5/10 in that mismatched couple did not let a thing called being realistic stopped him from sweeping that 9/10 off the floor with his charms, money, character, humor, etc. Then perhaps I should not let a thing called being realistic stop me too... Nah, I am too realistic to even try.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Such a social dog!

My dog Janet has a somewhat twisted priority. She does prioritize food above all as expected but she prioritizes meeting other dogs or people before pooping or peeing. She is such an attention whore that she is always in a look out when we walk for potential people or dogs to meet and pay her attention. So even if she is in the verge of pacing around and squatting in preparation to poop or pee, she will stop it when there is another dog or person approaching. Her behind would be swollen and I could almost see the poop coming out and still she would pull it back in when the prospect of meeting another dog or person is there. You would think her biological function would come first before the social need but no not her!

This above all annoys me.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Religious Sarcasm

> I am not anti-religion, I am anti-hypocrisy.

> If you are so hell bent in protecting the sanctity of a religious marriage, then stop fornicating and getting divorces.

> For those religious hypocrite, I just have one thing to ask you. Is that what God, Jesus, Allah or Buddha would do?

> For those who are oppose to gay marriage, why are you forcing your definition of a religious marriage to the Law/state?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

All heart does not make a good acrobatic show.

I recently brought my mom to see Traces at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place. She is a little hard of hearing and she finds American English accent hard to understands, so I thought an acrobatic act with very little or no speaking and singing would be perfect.

The show Traces' slogan is "No wires, no net, all heart". Considering that there were no wires and no net, the acrobatic acts were not that spectacular. Sure there were acts that required a lot of training but it was more like a side street performance than an acrobatic/circus act. Perhaps I expected more but to give them credit, I did find the act involving a big metallic ring quite entertaining along with the act with them jumping from one pole to another like monkeys. Some acts with chair balancing, ring jumping, juggling and tumbling were indeed somewhat entertaining but definitely not original. Seen it. The other acts with dancing, singing, comedic lines and skateboard were lame. One can not almost tell if they made a mistake cause there was no recognizable synchronized choreography. The set was chaotic and akin to an abandoned industrial warehouse. No costume of any kind that would be interesting to speak of. On the plus side, they were all young and very pleasing to look at.

I say 2.5 stars out of 5.