Sunday, December 29, 2013

Random info about my Tan family.

-  My deceased aunt Rosita was afraid to ride an escalator.  So she never did.

-  My grandma Sophia once claimed to have seen Jesus Christ knocking at the gate at my uncle's house in Bacolod.  This was after she converted to Christianity.  She would scold the maids for not letting Jesus enter.  She would tell my mom that the maids were disobeying her.

-  The eldest brother and sister of my mom had once gone back to China with my grandparents.  And my aunt claims that she has met my grandfather's biological sister.  (My grandpa was adopted by the Tan family in China.)  According to my aunt as she related the story to my mom, her biological aunt was very fair, very tall and has light colored hair.

-  When my grandmother passed away, my brothers and I were not around at her funeral.  We were with my father in another island.  According to our maids, my grandma made a ghostly apparition at our house asking for the where about of her grandsons.  When the maid told her we were at our father's, she went away.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Per Peeve - generic group text

I have a friend who has the habit of sending generic "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Thanksgiving" group text to everybody in his phone directory.  I do not mind the greetings per se despite it being impersonal.  What annoys me is the consequence of a group text.  If one of those person receiving the text replies to my friend, invariably all of the people in that initial group text gets the reply text.  Often than not, it is from people or phone number I do not know.  Then I would be wondering who sent me a vague text that holds no significance to me.

I hope people would take the time to send individualized text to their friends cause it is not that hard.  Some people are just lazy.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Confrontation with the neighbor over her idiot guest.

So my stay at my new house has been very busy but a positive experience.  Everything is going well so far and I was afraid something bad will happen.  And it did.  

The other night as I got back from the gym.  I saw this car blocking half of my driveway.  I was so puzzled cause there were many spaces available.  In fact there were hardly any cars in the street.  I honked my horns to no avail.  I waited for at least 10 minutes and the driver did not come out.  So I decided to go to a neighbor who was in his yard and ask if he knew who owned the car.  He pointed out the next door people as having a party so their guest could be the idiot culprit.  I called out to the neighbor I saw in the window and asked if it was their car blocking my driveway.  Lo and behold it was one of their guest.  I was already very angry at that time so the confrontation did not go well.  The neighbor and the idiot bitch who parked the car were both indignant about the situation.  They acted like I have no right to be angry for the situation.  What a bunch of ass holes.  The idiot driver bitch even said this is America and she can park anywhere she wants.  What an imbecile!  Where did she get that entitled notion.  Freedom does not extend into taking another persons right or property.  And she did take my right to access my driveway by blocking it.  Eventually she did move her car but not apologetically or peacefully.  I wish she gets gang raped by 5 hoodlums and end up pregnant!

The next day I did go apologize to the neighbor for loosing my temper at her.  My neighbor was not the one who parked the car and she probably did not know her idiotic guest blocked my driveway.  I realized that I was barking at the wrong person hence the apology.  I am still angry at the idiot bitch cunt driver but not to the neighbor anymore.

Part of my anger and frustration came from the fact that I did not know how to deal with this illegal parking.  Do I call 911?  The police?  Do I get a private towing company to tow it?  Do I have the right to have it towed?  It was my first time to encounter this situation.  Back in Chicago, our condo contracted a private towing company to tow illegally parked vehicle in our lot.  But this is a new experience for me.  So I did my research.  After calling many government agencies and the police, I found out that I can call the Los Angeles Parking enforcement agency.  They will come and ticket/tow the vehicle.  The phone number is 818 752 5100.  In case some of you LA readers encounters the same situation, you can act on it lawfully and let the culprit suffer the consequences.  I made sure I entered the number on my phone directory so I can have any ass holes towed the next time.  This is a learning experience.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

No face pics idiots online.

Some guys have no common sense.  In gay social networking site, it seems a no brainer that people want to see who they are chatting with.  That means that people wanted to see face pictures.  Not some headless torso or some random items..  But these idiots continue to hide their faces.  Not only only that, they are stupid enough to ask for face pictures when they don't have one.  So who do they think would chat with them? Those who already posted face pictures just ignore them anyways.

And then there are the ones who insist that they receive a face pic first before they send their face pics.  There are also the ones who will only send face pics when they want to while all along they can see the posted face pics of others.  These are the type of people who can't play fair.  They need to be ahead of the game.  They are the ones who were prolly spoiled brats growing up.  Who the fuck they think they are???

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Scent advertisement in magazines

I have allergic rhinitis.  Meaning I sneeze when my nose encounters an allergen.  When I got tested, one of the thing I am allergic to is the oils used in perfumes and colognes.  If I come close to a person wearing heavy perfume or colognes, my nose get stuffy and I sneeze.  I do not use cologne nor do I like people who "bath" in them.

One thing that really annoys me is having these perfume/cologne advertisement in magazines.   I can not even read one until I remove and throw far far away those strip of paper with the scent.  Grrr!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Atheistic views.

Many people gave thank to god or Jesus or whatever deity they worship during Thanksgiving for the bounty and good fortune they have received.  I, on the other hand, have mostly myself to thank for what ever I have today.  It is via my hard work, my intelligence, help from others and some random good fortune that I have reached this point in my life.  This past Thanksgiving as I contemplate who I am thankful for, an omnipotent deity was not one of them.  I am becoming more atheist as each day passes.  Here are some of my views about God et al.

-  It seems silly now for people to believe in the ancient gods of the Greeks and Romans.  I wonder people would feel about today's religious beliefs in several thousand more years.

-  If the Abrahamic god is real, it should have the power to let all the people of the world believe in itself.  The fact that there are Hindus, Buddhist or Taoist out there just shows that this god is man made.

-  Religious people who do not believe in evolution are like the people of the middle ages who believed that the world is flat.

-  Not just because science has not discovered how some things work does not mean it is of divine intervention.  Remember lightning is not of divine act like how the ancient people once thought.

-  I acknowledge that religion has given us our morality and is the basis of our views of what is right and wrong.  This was the foundation of our present day society and laws.  But the more we learn about our universe and how things work, the more we should use logical thinking as the foundation of our society and laws.

-  This god that many believe is so powerful that it can intervene to help people from a disaster yet it can not prevent the disaster from happening to begin with?  Natural disasters happen and we know why and how.  Survival from a natural disaster is often random.  One just happen to be at the right place at the right time.  No god is involved.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sexy Thanksgiving

Since this is my blog, I can post a racy picture like this.  Since the picture is technically not naked, I went ahead and post it.  It is nothing that any body has not seen in a public beach.  And I think it is amusing the way they put a corn in lieu of the schlong.  So enjoy this sexy eye candy and have a great thanksgiving everybody!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Busy but happy at my new home.

It has been a long while since I last entered a blog.  The reason being is that I was very very busy with my new home.  I may have brought my things from Chicago, still making my house a home required me to buy so much more stuff.  First I have to purchase a stove, refrigerator, over the range microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer.  That alone was over $3000.  Then there are other things like buying window treatments, area rugs, bathroom fixtures, new bed for mama, sofa, shower curtains, shower items and many others.  I also needed to buy yard tools and equipments.  Something that I did not have to deal with while living at a condo in Chicago.  And lastly I have to get my fence/gate put up.  As you can see, I got a lot in my plate.  In fact I have not been to the gym in 3 weeks since I was so busy shopping and putting things together at home.  Still there are many things left to be done and bought.  Despite of my being so occupied, I sit here in my office feeling very content with what I have done to my home so far.  I am happy and hope to have more happy days ahead.  Even Janet seems to like having a yard to use as her toilet.  I am glad about that too since I do not have to walk her so much...

Monday, November 04, 2013

Pet Peeve - hashtag

Today I posted a photo of a flower in Instagram.  I hashtag it "flower".   I was curious to see all the other hashtag of flower so I looked it up.  Lo and behold I saw a lot of selfies, buildings, dog, girls, etc but not flowers.  Out of 21 photos that I checked, only 1 was an actual flower.  Another was a carrot shaped like a flower over rice.  WTF!  Why would people hashtag flower when their photo does not contained any semblance of a flower???   It defeats the use of hashtag if self absorbed people keeps on doing this just to get more views on their photo.  Idiots.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

sexy Halloween costume gay men wears.

These sexy costumes reminds me of Ed from Chicago.  Ed would always have a Halloween party at his place and more often than not, his costume would involve him being shirtless.  Ed has a nice tight lil body but nothing muscular or jaw dropping.  But I feel he will find every excuse to be shirtless.  His costume would be similar to some of the pictures above.  These costumes are not traditionally shirtless but gay men would often pervert it to its sexier shirtless form.  Even when it is a freezing late October day, gay men are notorious for finding an excuse of showing off their bodies.  I often see a doctor with just a scrub pants and stethoscope around a shirtless body.  Or a sailor with white pants, shirtless and a sailor hat.  Or a devil with red boxer, shirtless and a devil horn on the head.  Ed actually worn this shirtless devil costume once.  These sexy costumes are not at all spectacular.  It is just eye catching if the shirtless guy has an awesome body.

Have a fun safe Halloween everybody.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The wrong headless shirtless pic to post.

I see a lot of headless shirtless body pics in many gay social networking.  And more often than not, the shirtless body pics are muscular and lean.  People would put their best feature forward to attract others.  So I am bewildered why somebody who is obese would put a shirtless headless body pic of themselves?  Surely they know that many catty gays ridicules their out of shape physique.  If I was obese, I would try to hide my body.  And surely my fat body is not my best feature that I can highlight.  And the gay social networking website (Adam4Adam) where I got this pic does not particularly cater to bears and fat guys.  So what are the chances people would find this pic alluring?  I guess there are "chasers" who like this.  But likely not from Adam4Adam.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blame God for the disaster?

Many of my friends in Facebook are religious.  They have no problem proclaiming their belief in God or Jesus.  It is frankly tiresome for me.  When something great or good happens to their life, they "thank" the Lord or Jesus or God.  With the belief that the good fortune was bestowed to them by their deity.  But if something horrible or bad happens, they are all mutes.  Well if their deity truly is omnipotent and the source of all that happens, why don't they attribute natural disasters to their deity as well?  None of them blame their deity for these horrible things happening to good people.  Because this God or Jesus thing as being the source of everything is NOT true.  They know it but are just too blinded to acknowledge.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I am No Cubs fan.

 I bought this muscle shirt some years ago while I was still living in Chicago.  I was never a Chicago Cubs fan.  At best I tolerated it when I am with good company while going to Wrigley Field to watch them play.  I do not care for baseball.  So why did I buy a Cubs shirt?  Well I like the blue color and frankly the cut off sleeves were flattering to my physique.  And it was super cheap cause the shirt was on sale. 

Today while wearing the shirt at the 24 hours fitness gym in North Hollywood.  Some girl noticed my shirt.  As I was walking past her, I heard a question behind me asking if I am a Cubs fan.  Without turning back, I said "no" and continued walking to where I was heading.  I was not in the mood to lie to this girl nor was I interested in chatting up some random girl at the gym.  Perhaps if it was some hot guy, I would have pretended to like the Cubs just to engage his question.  haha

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ghetto neighbors.

The trash from neighbors that makes the neighborhood ghetto.  You never see this in Beverly Hills.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Can't wait for my own home.

As my home purchase come to a close, I am getting more and more impatient about my current living situation.  I am very appreciative of my kin letting me stay at his house but it does not diminish the fact that I feel like I am living out of my suitcases.  There are many small reasons that little by little annoys me more.

1.  The kitchen is too messy for my own taste.  I do not like to cook there.  I want my own kitchen arranged exactly how I want it.  I want to know where everything is exactly stored. 

2.  The neighborhood here in Sun Valley is a bit ghetto.  Trash in the street, doggie shit in the sidewalk and loud mexican music at night on weekends.

3.  I am unable to have guest out of courtesy for my kin.  I am a guest myself at his home so it will be poor taste to invite someone over.

4.  Sometimes, I want to use something but could not since it is inside some box that I can not remember which one. 

5.  I can not have my dog use the yard the way I want to cause my kin's big german shepherd is there.  The german shepherd run around and stir up too much dust that makes my white bischon so dirty.  And the German Shepherd leaves her food uneaten that I can not leave my dog outside unattended or she will eat the food and get fatter.

6.  My room is too small.  Closet is cramped.  Bathroom too far.

7.  The house in general is too chaotic and messy for me.  I miss the order and organization.

I  am just happy this will soon be over.  It is time I have my own place.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Handsome ab carver pro commercial.

Blond, ripped, muscled and handsome.  wow!  Makes me want to buy an AbCarverPro.  haha.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What does the fox say?

Brilliant music video. It is really nonsensical but the way they made it and the song arrangement made it look like a serious music video.  It is funny and wildly entertaining.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Same patterns from LA gay men

I have said it many times to my deceased friend Sam before.  If a guy is not sure about you, he will have excuses that he is not looking for a relationship or that he is not ready or he just wants to be friends.  The moment the right guy for him comes along, he will be ready and those excuses will be thrown out the door.

Not that I really think LA gay men will be different, my recent experiences with LA gay men just reinforced what I have observed for the past years about gay men.

Take Joe from the phone app Jack'd.  We chatted and flirted but he told me that he is not looking for dating since he just got out of an ugly relationship.  Sounds reasonable?  Yes indeed.  Then he disappeared for 3 weeks and when I saw him again online and resumed chatting, he told me that just has started seeing someone so he can't meet anymore.  Obviously, I was not exactly what he was looking for cause he made an excuse of just looking for casual NSA encounter and not dating.  I get it so I move on.

Then there is Adam from Adam4Adam.  When we chatted and eventually met, I was not really into him.  But he was persistent with me and eventually he grew on me.  He would text me often and would even ask me why I don't initiate texting him.  We were flirty to each other.  He would even jokingly get jealous asking if I was on a date when I was not able to answer his call.  I started to like him and we hang out more often.  I thought we were beginning to date but he told me one time that he just wants to be friends.  Perhaps he later changed his mind but it was evident that I was not what he was looking for.  So he made an excuse that he might leave the country soon.  I did not buy it of course.  It was simple for me, he was not really that into me.  So I just told him that we can not see each other anymore.  I am moving on and he is just a baggage that would slow me down.

When the "right" guy comes along, gay men will make it work regardless of the obstacle.  Plain and simple.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Handsome "Jimmy Dean" guy.

This guys is so handsome.  Just classic good looks.  BTW, I am not referring to the "sun" guy.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sharapova's tweet during the US Open women finals

It has been 3 weeks now since Serena Williams silenced Victoria Screamarenka during the 2013 US Open Finals.  It was such a monumentous win for Serena on so many levels.  Many WTA stars and important figures tweeted something about the finals.  All of the tweets I saw mentioned Serena and Vika at some form.  Many congratulated Serena on the win.  But not the case on the tweet of Maria Shriekapova.  This is her tweet:  "Watching the US Open finals.  So many memories.  Can't wait to be back there next year."  I may be reading too much into this but I can detect the thinly veiled jealousy Maria has for Vika and specially Serena.  All Maria can mention is a reference to her US Open win many years ago and a hint that she will be in the finals again.  No congratulations on Serena or praise for the great match.  Both players has very good record against Maria.  No wonder she would be jealous of them.  I feel Maria still thinks she is better than Vika or Serena.  She may think so but the record/stats does not agree.  Silly Maria...  She should just focus on her stupid candy and shut up in court.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My own near encounter with an aswang.

Once at a party amongst filipino, we got to talk about filipino movies.  One movie that was mentioned was "Tiktik: the aswang chronicle".  So I watched it in youtube ASAP because I am fascinated by these filipino folklore.  In fact, it reminded me of my own near encounter with a tiktik/aswang/mananaggal.

When I was around 8 to 12 yo, we lived in the suburban area of Bacolod City.  The houses were not close to each other and in fact there were several empty lots around our block.  Across the street from our house was empty field.  We had two maids then.  One was an older lady and one was younger.  The older lady was a firm believer of the supernatural creatures in filipino folklore.  She in fact planted some vines around the house to ward off these unnatural creatures that prey on children/people.  One night I had a quarrel with my mother.  And my mom punished me by banishing me outside the house.  Our house was fully gated and fenced like a prison so there was no real danger that I get abducted or harmed by strangers/animals.   It was dark so I decided to sat under one corner of the house where there was a light as I cried.  About 5 or 10 minutes later, the two maids came rushing out to me and hurriedly ushered me inside the house.  There was fear in their eyes.  They acted like my life was in mortal danger.  So I asked them what was the matter.  The older maid told me that she heard a tiktik which could mean that an aswang or mananaggal was around.  They feared that I will fall victim to these creatures.  I personally was oblivious to hearing any tiktik.  There were several lizards and crickets making all sort of "tik tik" sound that I would not know the difference.  But the fear in our two maids were palpable that I did feel fear also at that time.  To these days, I can still remember that very night that I almost encountered a tiktik/aswang/manananggal.  The memory sends chill all over me.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Did I discriminate the H&R lady?

I recently went to an H&R Block to amend my 2011 taxes.  The first time I went to the H&R Block at Vanowen, I was met by two latinas.  One was older and another was younger.  I was telling them what I needed and somehow the older latina agent did not understand me completely.  Her reply was wrong.  It was obvious that she had rudimentary command of the English language.  I knew then that I would just be annoyed dealing with her when she can not fully understand what I wanted.  So I did my business with the younger latina (Luisa) who spoke better English.  The second time I went to the same H&R Block office, Luisa was not there and the other white woman was busy, so I was left with either waiting for another younger latina (Elizabeth) or working with the older latina who does not speak good English.  I decided to wait for Elizabeth cause I just did not want to deal with someone who can not speak good English specially if my taxes were involved.  I did not want any mistake on my Taxes because of language barrier.  It turned out that Elizabeth was completely fluent with both English and Spanish and it was a breeze working with her.  It was obvious to the older latina that I did not want to work with her.  I felt bad cause I did not want to appear racist in her eyes.  But the thing is, I don't think I was being a racist.  I just wanted to have dealings with someone I could communicate with properly.  At work I speak some Spanish and if a latino client decided to work with another who speak fluent Spanish, I would not be offended.  Or perhaps the reason why I felt a little guilty was because I was indeed discriminating another who can not speak good English?  If I am being honest, I think it did play some role...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bryan Brothers through the ages.

Love love love the Bryan Brothers.  This esurance advertisement is so amusing with the outfit depicting the different eras in tennis.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is Facebook ready for my Atheistic views?

In Facebook, many of my friends often post about Jesus this and God that.  As an Atheist, I am frankly tired of seeing it.  I personally find those proclamations fictional and absurd.  For me, the Laws of Science is my god.  Not some made up deity by ancient men who did not have the benefit of logic and science to guide their belief system.  And just because many of those religion has been around for thousands of years does not make them the absolute truth.  It just means many people are still afraid to challenge that belief or many others are just plain ignorant.  So since I have to put up with those silly proclamations from my friends and family in Facebook, I wonder if they are ready to hear what I really think about those deities?  Are they going to be too offended by me proclaiming that I don't think there is a god or that Jesus was just a man and nothing more?  Perhaps I should test the water and make a post one of these days.

Friday, September 13, 2013

More vicious dogs of my neighborhood.

As I follow up the initial post on vicious dogs Janet and I encounter when we go for our walks, I like to point out that usually the small dogs are the more aggressive barker.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vicious dogs of Sun Valley

Here are some videos I took to show that many dogs in my neighborhood are just vicious barkers.  From the small chihuahua to the big rottweiler, they all bark like crazy as we passes by.  Whether the barks are aggressive or something else, I can not tell.  So unlike in my Chicago neighborhood where dogs are trained to be friendly and many of them are walked.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Model Josh Ohl

Super sexy and goodlooking model.