Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympian with best body?

With the 2012 London Olympic in TV, I am seeing a bunch of these half naked male athletes with awesome bodies.  So the question is, which sports showcases the hottest body?

There are 3 sports that routinely showcases the athlete's body. I am referring to diving, swimming and gymnastics. For me, gymnasts hands down have the best bodies. Those guys have muscular bodies to die for. Even with their tight fitting tank tops, I could see that they are lean and muscular. Divers on the other hand have the most lean body. They can still be muscular and cut but more on the lean low body fat way. Swimmers on the other hand have those broad shoulders and huge chest and upper back. I would not necessarily kick them out of bed but amongst the 3, they have the least hot bodies.

That is just my take on it. And oh, let us not forget the volleyball athlete.  They are tall and tend of be goodlooking.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

London Opening ceremony was a bust.

It has been said that no nation can match or surpass what China did for the opening ceremony during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

And after watching the opening ceremony at the 2012 London Summer Olympic, I can totally agree with that observation. I was actually bored watching the London opening ceremony. Sure there were high moments like seeing the Queen participate and during the parade of nations but the middle part was generally chaotic and unimpressive. If I was an audience in the stadium, I would not know where to look. And if I did look at the right spot, the distance from the seats to the performance would be vast that I may not see clearly what the performers were doing. Even watching the TV where I was shown to where the action is was confusing. Too many individual performance that seems to be the storyline of the performance. On the bright side, the technology involved was sort of catchy.

Badly done London.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I passed the exam!

It may not be common knowledge to people that I am taking one of the class for the tDPT program at the University of Montana for the summer term. The grade for the class is 80% on the final exam. The other 20% is from the 2 assignments. And the passing grade for this course is a C or 73%. For the pass 3 months over the summer, I was worried to death about the final exam. I had no idea how hard it will be. I was worried that I might not pass the exam which will be 80% of my grade. I did not go out or did any extra-curricular activities and concentrated on studying.

Tonight I took the exam and I scored a 97% which is an A. My hard work is rewarded. I can now have a life and enjoy the remainder of the summer. I am fairly confident that I will pass this course. I am so relieved and happy. Kudos to me!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

RIP Uncle P

Several days ago, the eldest brother of my mother passed away. He was very old and it was not surprising he did not recover from his latest bout of pneumonia. I remembered Uncle P to be this out spoken authority figure who will say things as he sees it. In fact I was apprehensive to see him during my first return to the Philippines after living here in the States for almost 10 years. I was already out to my family, including my cousins, and I felt that he might chastise me for being gay. But he was already old and timid when I saw him last and he barely spoke. I was not sure if he even recognized me or remembered me. That is my last memory of Uncle P. It is a known fact that Uncle P helped his younger siblings a lot when they were young and had little means. He was that kind of person who holds family in high importance. I would rather remember Uncle P for that rather than a quite old man sitting on his wheelchair. Farewell Uncle P and Rest In Peace.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Entitled breeder.

I was at the strip mall close to my house and I saw a young mother parked her big SUV taking two parking spaces as she unloads her two young kids from the car seats. Since I am very against people who take up two parking spaces, I pointed out to her that she took two spots. She replied that she would not be long and challenged me to try doing it with two kids. In as much that I have nothing against people who decided to have children, I am against people who feel entitled just because they decided to fuck and not use protection. If all people who have small children decided they are entitled to break the rules, there will be chaos in our society. There are plenty of mothers with young children out there who can abide to the rule of just taking one parking spot, why can't this woman be one of them? It has to do with her mentality of entitlement. In other words, she is just a jerk and selfish and inconsiderate of others. Perhaps Karma will punish her someday. Perhaps she would be in a hurry to get her kid to the hospital and she could not find a parking space because some jerk like her decided to take two parking spaces instead of one. That would be karma.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ditka Restaurant experience

Some celebrities who are not in the food industry have no business opening a restaurant. I am talking about NFL player and coach Mike Ditka who has 2 restaurants in the Chicagoland area. My cousin brought us to the Oakbrook Terrace Ditka restaurant after the graduation ceremony of her daughter. The ambience was nice, clean and moderately upscale. The staff were courteous and professional. The menu ranges from steaks to lobster to burger to pork chops to pastas. Basically nothing unique but more on the generic restaurant food. The main entree prices were kinda expensive ranging from $20 to $50. Nothing special with the taste and flavor but the presentation was good. For the price my cousin paid for our dinner, the experience was not note worthy. This is a perfect example of Mike Ditka using his name and celebrity status to open a mediocre restaurant that pretend to be something special. The total experience is just a 2/5. I personally would not go back to pay those prices.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wet feet

I just came out of the shower and my feet are still damp.  As I thread my foot into the pajama leg, the damp foot sticks on the fabric on the inside of the the pajama leg making the simple task annoyingly hard.  I hate that.  And sometimes as I power my foot down the pajama leg, it jerks putting me in an vicarious position.  GGGrrrrr...

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Magic Mike was not magical but diverting enough

Four old timer gay men, who have not seen each other for some time, descend to Evanston to watch "Magic Mike".  It was the last show of a thursday evening at 10 PM.  The theatre was not full.  90% of the audience were women.  Among the 10% of men, more than half were gay men.

The movie was not one of those monumental big blockbuster that everybody talks about.  It was just a simple story about a male stripper and his journey to find love.  Channing Tatum was the lead male stripper with the stage name of Magic Mike and he was handsome, down to earth and funny.   He met a struggling Adam (Alex Pettyfer) and got the young man a gig as a male stripper.  Some drama involving drugs, sex and booze ensues along the way which was not surprising and almost expected.  Mike eventually fell in love with Adam's sister Joanna (Cody Horn) and also had a realization that he needs to get out of the business.  Pretty simple and predictable but the story was not without its merits.  All the characters were relatable and convincing.  Definitely loads of eye candy from gorgeous strippers the like of Channing, Alex, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello.  Their erotic gyrations were titillating and delightful.  Plenty of giggling from the female audience in the theatre.  I was vastly diverted.  Also in the movie as a lead character was Matthew McConaughey as Dallas, the owner and manager of the strip club.  He showed plenty of skin and did a strip number but he did nothing to my loins.  Not that he did not have a good body, he was just too "old" to be doing that.

A fun evening with friends watching a fun show.  I would give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars for the excellent dancing and the titillating factor.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's not just a grunt Maria!

"No one important enough has certainly told me to change or do something different."  That is what Maria Sharapova said about her grunting/shrieking when asked during a post match interview.  How about the tennis fans Maria?  Are the tennis fans not important in the sports of tennis?  Without the fans, there would be no professional tennis sports.  And certainly majority of tennis fans are super annoyed and turned off by this.  It is either they put the TV on mute or avoid the sports entirely.  That is certainly hurting the sports.  And also, Maria is not just grunting.  She screams like she is passing a spiked full size water melon through her cunt without an epidural.  (at least we all know how she would sound in the delivery room)  And Maria does not just grunt on big hitting strokes like many players, she screams at every fucking stroke, big or small.  To top it off, she does not shriek during practice match.   What the fuck is that?   Her shrieking plus her hypocrisy made me hate this woman.  I wish she would destroy her larynx forever so I do not have to hear a peep from her ever again.

PS.  Maria Sharapova fans, do not even bother defending her cause I filter all comments and you will not be heard.  My blog, my rules.