Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moon at its closest.

My friend alerted me that the full moon with be at its closest distance from earth several weeks ago when these pictures were taken. So I took several shots of the the full moon from my window.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lights out by Rick Astley

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. A new Rick Astley song titled Lights Out. This made my day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Red Riding Hood - the review.

I recently saw Red Riding Hood in DVD and I must say I was surprisingly very pleased by it. The story is a take off from the fairy tale of the little red riding hood. There was a girl (teen girl) wearing the red hooded cloak and there was the grandmother but instead of a big bad wolf, the story had a werewolf. The story was able to interject some of the classic things we know from the fairy tale but at the same time was able to make it original. They even added dialogue from the 3 little pigs and the wolf story but it was an inconsequential dialogue. The movie was a fantasy mystery which I have guessed as much but what surprised me most was the unpredictable ending. It kept me guessing who the werewolf was up until it was revealed. That made the story riveting. In fact I was at the edge of my seat many times throughout the movie. I say 4 stars out of 5.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

He won't miss me despite his declarations.

It is true that we sometimes have the tendency to take what we have for granted until we are faced with the fact that we lost it or loosing it. This was true with a friend after hearing the news that I was moving away to LA. After hearing that I was moving away in a couple of months, he started hanging out with me again. And that very first meeting we had since learning of my impending move, he kept on declaring that he was going to miss me and was acting nostalgic and melancholic. Of course I just dismissed his declarations by countering that he won't miss me at all. I was speaking the truth cause we hardly hanged out this past 2-3 years. He found new friends and new priorities that I did not really believe he would notice my absence. Yes I was jealous of the fact that my friendship was somewhat replaced but at the same time I accepted the reality that friendship changes. Now he makes more effort to hang out which are not met with resistance. After all, I was always there to hang out but it was him who was not there to hang out when I wanted a friend. Yes I am a little bitter about that but it was not the reason why I am moving away. Sure it made my decision easier but family was my main reason for moving to LA. My mom wanted me there and I have family there that leaving Chicago was a no brainer. I felt there is really nothing in Chicago that is holding me back. Certainly not the friendship with the above mentioned friend. I am used to not having him in my life lately and I am certain that he won't miss me.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Marcel Juras

This guy is an eastern European model of William Higgins. Ok, he is a porn star but it does not diminish the fact that he is one of the handsomest man I have seen. Great smile. And if any of you want to see his naughty pics, click HERE. But be warned that the link is for adults only.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Chicken Pasta in Pesto Sauce

The recipe I have below is by no means an original.  But I have made some twist to it to cater my own taste.  It is a perfect recipe for any left over Chicken or even turkey.  It is easy and delicious.  Hope you like it.


- Left over fried or roast chicken .  In my case the breast meat.
- Pesto sauce that you can buy in the grocery.
- Pasta.   Does not matter what kind.
- Onions (one small one)
- Garlic (about 1 table spoon when minced)
- Cooking oil (2 table spoon) and Olive Oil (one table spoon).
- Pine nuts (about 1/2 cup)


- Cook pasta by boiling it accordingly.  Pour Olive oil to cooked and drained pasta to prevent it from clinging to each other as you set it aside for later use.

- Mince garlic and onions.  Chop up the chicken meat to sugar cube size.  Heat up Cooking oil and saute the garlic first till slightly brown and then saute the onions for about 40 seconds.  Then saute the pine nuts for about 1 minutes.  Add the chicken cubes and saute for another minute.  Then add the pasta set aside earlier along with as much pesto sauce as you want.  Constantly stir the whole mix for about 1-2 minutes. Voila, you got yourself a Chicken Pasta in Pesto sauce.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Pet Peeve - blocking the lane to make a left turn

Imagine a Road Alpha with a north bound lane and a south bound lane.  Then there is an east-west Road Beta intersecting this north-south Road Alpha.  But the intersection has only a two-way STOP signs on the road Beta and the road Alpha has the right of way.  So in order for a vehicle from Road Beta to make a left turn, both the north bound lane and the south bound lane of the Road Alpha has to be clear.  And in some instances, the inconsiderate vehicle from Road Beta would cross the intersection when only one lane of Road Alpha has a break in the traffic and it would sit there until the other lane opens up to complete a left turn.   So that means this inconsiderate vehicle will end up blocking the traffic of one lane of Road Alpha as it sits there waiting to complete its left turn.  Why can't this vehicle wait till both lanes of Road Alpha to open up before even crossing the intersection to make a left turn?  Because the driver of this vehicle is impatient and inconsiderate.  He does not care that he would sit there blocking the traffic.  How rude!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Not too saddened by death of people I knew

When my father passed away many years ago, I did not feel much sadness or lost. After all, I hardly saw my dad growing up. And when he passed, I was already working here in the States and I have not seen him or even communicated with him for several years already. So my life continued as it was and I did not miss anything brought on by his passing. Did I love my father? I probably did not but I did respect him and I owed him gratitude for providing for me. He was not a dead beat dad but he was hardly a dad in the true sense of the father-son relationship. So nothing changed when he passed away.

In the past recent years, one of my friend got sick and his prognosis lately got worse. He told me that his doctor gave him 6-12 months to live. As I ponder this information, I did not feel tremendously saddened by it. I mean I was sad that he is getting sicker but I did not think it was going to affect me much. After all, we have not been as good as a friend as we were some years ago. We hardly saw each other or talk to each other lately owing to his other priorities. So I thought my life would go on as it was the past year or two. I do not think I will miss his absence. I do not know for sure to be honest.

So am I a heartless person for not feeling very sad from a lost of a father or the impending lost of a friend? Or am I just too pragmatic that it somewhat overwhelms my personality. Don't get me wrong. My father's death or my friend's impending death does not give me joy but I am not too saddened by it either. I like to think that my feelings are not too extraordinarily pathological in a psychological way. It is just the way I feel.