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Enjoy our civil rights Today

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr day.   MLK was the leader of civil rights for black minorities here in America.  Today, the civil right movement of MLK is not only enjoyed by Black Americans but also by every other minorities including the gay people.  I hope when everybody is enjoying the day off, shopping sale and the easy traffic today, they are remembering MLK and what he stood for.

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Medieval Times in Buena Park (Metro LA)

My family and I went to Medieval Times for New Years Day.  We got nothing better do so and my mom kept on hinting how she wanted to check the LA Medieval Times.  You see, she had fun at the Chicago Medieval Times many years ago so she wanted to see it again.  I remembered it was a novelty and since it was a long time ago, I was not oppose to seeing it again.

I was diverted.  Perhaps more so if I was 10 years old but still it was fun.  There were a King, a Princess, and 6 Knights.  We were assigned to the "Black & White" Knight and I was happy about that cause our Knight was the handsomest of all the Knights.  The Archery contest, Jousting and spear throwing contest were nice.  There was some OK horse performances too.  Then there were sword fights which I could totally tell were choreographed.  But the kids behinds us sure could not tell.  They were cheering and shouting for our Knight to "kill" the other knight.  Unfortunately our knight was the first who got "killed" or "injured".  In the end, the villain from the other kingdom has to be subdued by the winning knight.

The meal that was served to us was 5 courses.  It may seem grand but it was actually just soup, roast ribs, roast chicken, baked potatoe and some pastry.  Drinks were either soda, water or tea.  Nothing grand but it filled me up.  We had to eat it with our hands which I totally expected from my previous experience. 

Outside of the arena was a waiting area with middle ages painting and items hanging on the wall.  There was also a gift shop to lure the kids to buy fake swords, chain mails, crowns, jewelries and even jester hats.  I would have bought a chain mail if they had one similar to the one Pippin wore.

The whole experience was a novelty to say the least.  A good entertainment for kids and tourist.  Repeating it probably will loose its novelty but first timers should enjoy it.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Almost got cheated at Seafood City

The one on the RIGHT was the original price label printed before it was brought in (out of my sight) to be cut.  After the Seafood city employee brought out the cut meat, I decided to weigh it again and I noticed that it weighed less than it was prior to being cut.  The circled BLUE numbers show the discrepancy of the weight.  So I asked him why it weighed less after he brought it out.  He tried to make an excuse that it was because it was cut.  Common sense tells me that the meat should weigh about the same cut or not cut.  So I argued that no it should not.  To appease me, he printed a new price label (as shown in the LEFT).  Obviously, this employee tried to cheat me out by retaining a piece or two of the cut meat.  Not sure if it was just the employee or a practice endorsed by the management.   I decided to find a manager and complain about this.   They should know that this practice was unacceptable.

I was honestly disappointed to find this thing happening here in America.  Sure the employee was Filipino and the establishment caters to Filipinos but usually that kind of unbecoming practice do not happen here.  It would be extreme poverty that would drive Filipinos back in the Philippines to cheat others. And I did not expect this employee to be that poor to resort to petty theft.  Perhaps it was not so petty if he did it to every customer.  At the end of the day, he would have a lot of meat.  Or perhaps old habit just made his actions second nature to him.  Whatever his reasons were, I am saddened by this event.  

Immigrants, including myself, should not bring their bad practices here.  Because it were these bad practices that made the living conditions back in their home country unpalatable to begin with.  Why else would they come here if they were fine back home?  They came here for a better life, so leave the bad habits behind and start a new.

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The march of the headless men from Adam4Adam.

In both screenshot photo of an Adam4Adam phone app during some random day, I chuckle at the fact that only 2 out of 12 gay men bothered to show their face.  The rest hides behind their body.   They are the kind of guys who play games with others.  "Send your face pic first before I reveal my face pic" is their modus operandi.  They are the kind of guys who always are always looking to get ahead.  The kind that can't play fair.  They are the exact type of gay guys that turns me off completely.

I am a guy who puts more face value to the face.  As long as the body is average or decent, I do not care about it.  I would rather have a handsome face with average body than a hot body with ugly face.  And I am sure many will agree with me.   And for those who do not, then they can make love to a hot body with a paper bag covering the head.  Shrimp as my friends call it.

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