Thursday, October 31, 2013

sexy Halloween costume gay men wears.

These sexy costumes reminds me of Ed from Chicago.  Ed would always have a Halloween party at his place and more often than not, his costume would involve him being shirtless.  Ed has a nice tight lil body but nothing muscular or jaw dropping.  But I feel he will find every excuse to be shirtless.  His costume would be similar to some of the pictures above.  These costumes are not traditionally shirtless but gay men would often pervert it to its sexier shirtless form.  Even when it is a freezing late October day, gay men are notorious for finding an excuse of showing off their bodies.  I often see a doctor with just a scrub pants and stethoscope around a shirtless body.  Or a sailor with white pants, shirtless and a sailor hat.  Or a devil with red boxer, shirtless and a devil horn on the head.  Ed actually worn this shirtless devil costume once.  These sexy costumes are not at all spectacular.  It is just eye catching if the shirtless guy has an awesome body.

Have a fun safe Halloween everybody.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The wrong headless shirtless pic to post.

I see a lot of headless shirtless body pics in many gay social networking.  And more often than not, the shirtless body pics are muscular and lean.  People would put their best feature forward to attract others.  So I am bewildered why somebody who is obese would put a shirtless headless body pic of themselves?  Surely they know that many catty gays ridicules their out of shape physique.  If I was obese, I would try to hide my body.  And surely my fat body is not my best feature that I can highlight.  And the gay social networking website (Adam4Adam) where I got this pic does not particularly cater to bears and fat guys.  So what are the chances people would find this pic alluring?  I guess there are "chasers" who like this.  But likely not from Adam4Adam.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blame God for the disaster?

Many of my friends in Facebook are religious.  They have no problem proclaiming their belief in God or Jesus.  It is frankly tiresome for me.  When something great or good happens to their life, they "thank" the Lord or Jesus or God.  With the belief that the good fortune was bestowed to them by their deity.  But if something horrible or bad happens, they are all mutes.  Well if their deity truly is omnipotent and the source of all that happens, why don't they attribute natural disasters to their deity as well?  None of them blame their deity for these horrible things happening to good people.  Because this God or Jesus thing as being the source of everything is NOT true.  They know it but are just too blinded to acknowledge.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I am No Cubs fan.

 I bought this muscle shirt some years ago while I was still living in Chicago.  I was never a Chicago Cubs fan.  At best I tolerated it when I am with good company while going to Wrigley Field to watch them play.  I do not care for baseball.  So why did I buy a Cubs shirt?  Well I like the blue color and frankly the cut off sleeves were flattering to my physique.  And it was super cheap cause the shirt was on sale. 

Today while wearing the shirt at the 24 hours fitness gym in North Hollywood.  Some girl noticed my shirt.  As I was walking past her, I heard a question behind me asking if I am a Cubs fan.  Without turning back, I said "no" and continued walking to where I was heading.  I was not in the mood to lie to this girl nor was I interested in chatting up some random girl at the gym.  Perhaps if it was some hot guy, I would have pretended to like the Cubs just to engage his question.  haha

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ghetto neighbors.

The trash from neighbors that makes the neighborhood ghetto.  You never see this in Beverly Hills.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Can't wait for my own home.

As my home purchase come to a close, I am getting more and more impatient about my current living situation.  I am very appreciative of my kin letting me stay at his house but it does not diminish the fact that I feel like I am living out of my suitcases.  There are many small reasons that little by little annoys me more.

1.  The kitchen is too messy for my own taste.  I do not like to cook there.  I want my own kitchen arranged exactly how I want it.  I want to know where everything is exactly stored. 

2.  The neighborhood here in Sun Valley is a bit ghetto.  Trash in the street, doggie shit in the sidewalk and loud mexican music at night on weekends.

3.  I am unable to have guest out of courtesy for my kin.  I am a guest myself at his home so it will be poor taste to invite someone over.

4.  Sometimes, I want to use something but could not since it is inside some box that I can not remember which one. 

5.  I can not have my dog use the yard the way I want to cause my kin's big german shepherd is there.  The german shepherd run around and stir up too much dust that makes my white bischon so dirty.  And the German Shepherd leaves her food uneaten that I can not leave my dog outside unattended or she will eat the food and get fatter.

6.  My room is too small.  Closet is cramped.  Bathroom too far.

7.  The house in general is too chaotic and messy for me.  I miss the order and organization.

I  am just happy this will soon be over.  It is time I have my own place.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Handsome ab carver pro commercial.

Blond, ripped, muscled and handsome.  wow!  Makes me want to buy an AbCarverPro.  haha.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What does the fox say?

Brilliant music video. It is really nonsensical but the way they made it and the song arrangement made it look like a serious music video.  It is funny and wildly entertaining.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Same patterns from LA gay men

I have said it many times to my deceased friend Sam before.  If a guy is not sure about you, he will have excuses that he is not looking for a relationship or that he is not ready or he just wants to be friends.  The moment the right guy for him comes along, he will be ready and those excuses will be thrown out the door.

Not that I really think LA gay men will be different, my recent experiences with LA gay men just reinforced what I have observed for the past years about gay men.

Take Joe from the phone app Jack'd.  We chatted and flirted but he told me that he is not looking for dating since he just got out of an ugly relationship.  Sounds reasonable?  Yes indeed.  Then he disappeared for 3 weeks and when I saw him again online and resumed chatting, he told me that just has started seeing someone so he can't meet anymore.  Obviously, I was not exactly what he was looking for cause he made an excuse of just looking for casual NSA encounter and not dating.  I get it so I move on.

Then there is Adam from Adam4Adam.  When we chatted and eventually met, I was not really into him.  But he was persistent with me and eventually he grew on me.  He would text me often and would even ask me why I don't initiate texting him.  We were flirty to each other.  He would even jokingly get jealous asking if I was on a date when I was not able to answer his call.  I started to like him and we hang out more often.  I thought we were beginning to date but he told me one time that he just wants to be friends.  Perhaps he later changed his mind but it was evident that I was not what he was looking for.  So he made an excuse that he might leave the country soon.  I did not buy it of course.  It was simple for me, he was not really that into me.  So I just told him that we can not see each other anymore.  I am moving on and he is just a baggage that would slow me down.

When the "right" guy comes along, gay men will make it work regardless of the obstacle.  Plain and simple.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Handsome "Jimmy Dean" guy.

This guys is so handsome.  Just classic good looks.  BTW, I am not referring to the "sun" guy.