Sunday, May 31, 2009


There is a word in filipino "suki" which means a person/organization who loyally patronize you or your establishment. So if you always go to the same beauty shop or grocer, you are a "suki" of that establishment.

When it comes to bars and bartenders, I often patronize the same bar and the same bartender as well. A few years back, I was a "suki" of Roscoes. My fave bartender there was Joey. He is such a cutie with a tight bod. He is nice to me and gives me free drinks once in a while because he knows I am his "suki". Then I started going to Charlies more. I am also a "suki" of this one bartender at Charlies. He is quick to get me my MGD and he knows that I get MGD all the time. He recognizes me and sometimes gives me shots or free beer. Of course I always tip him well. Unfortunately I don't know his name. He is in his 50's with salt and pepper hair. I am still his "suki" cause I still go to Charlies often. But of late, I have been going to Touche. Up until last weekend, I was not a "suki" of any bartender there. But this big black bartender in the front bar have noticed that I got my drinks from him a lot so he gave me a shot. I always tip well so he prolly noticed that. Now I am becoming a "suki" of his. I will patronize him and tip him well always and for sure, free drinks will come in the future. So it always pay to be a "suki".

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tennis and me.

The French Open in ongoing now. And as usual I am glued to the internet looking at the updates on the results. Always anxious about my players. So far only Venus suffered a lost. At least Djokovic is out but that Sharapova is still in so I am hoping she will get eliminated soon.

This made me think why I like tennis. once had an article saying that gay folks like tennis more than any other sports. I wonder if there is truth to this. All I can say is I like tennis myself for a variety of reason. Tennis for one is an individual effort from the players except in doubles. As a gay man, I often feel isolated from the heterosexual society. It is not surprising that most gay men in rural setting flock to the urban setting where gay community tends to be significant in number. So it is natural that I could relate better to an individual player than to a team. Another reason is that there is no annoying machismo so common in team sports like football, basketball, hockey and baseball. Even the male fans of those sports are full of machismo. Tennis is also less complicated than team sports. Easier for me to follow. And lastly, there is no traffic associated with tennis in my area. Need I mention I hated the traffic when there is a cubs game. Ugh! Also, some men tennis player are such eye candy. Although I must admit other team sports can have hotties too.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kris or Adam?

Here are two recordings of the same song both of the American Idol finalist sang. Who do you think sang it better just purely based on the voice quality?

For me, Adam has a fuller better voice. Although Kris did a good job with the song, his voice compared to Adam is more labored and nasal.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

to rescue or not to rescue?

I saw this topic from one of those Tele-magazine shows. 20/20 or dateline or something. I can't recall but it was very thought provoking and I decided to give my own point of view on it.

It is about the cost of rescuing somebody from the wild when they have been trapped or got lost. Evidently the cost is enormous. I could just imagine. So should the tax payers of the county/municipality where the rescue occurred be responsible to foot the bill for these costly rescues? Or should the one being rescued be billed for it. If it is the latter, how are you going to legally obligate the rescued person to pay the bill? Should they sign a contract first before they get rescued? That may sound inhumane and logistically impractical. HHmm... What to do?

My solution is simple. The person being rescued should be video taped first agreeing to foot the bill for the rescue. And if it was later found out that the circumstances of the accident was not courted but rather the result of pure bad luck, then the tax payer can cover the cost. If on the other hand, the circumstances of the rescue was because the rescued person is a risk taker or adrenaline junky, then he should foot the bill till he is bankrupt. Perhaps he will think twice/thrice before he decides to go skiing in a closed back country, bungee jump off a clearly "off limit zone" or kayak on a class V or VI rapids. And some of these risk takers/andrenaline junkies are repeat offenders too. They know they will be rescued somehow so they do these high risk extreme sports just for the pure pleasure of adrenaline rush or perhaps the desire for youtube infamy. Their motivations aside, these behavior are clearly moronic and borders to the suicidal. So I beg to ask another question. Should we even attempt to rescue these people who did not heed the warning signs? If it were up to me, it is a resounding NO. But of course that is just me. I can be heartless towards the idiots.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blu Kennedy

When I started this blog, I have decided to keep its content G rated mostly. Sometimes I get R rated on my language but that is just the candid true me coming out. I am happy keeping this blog G rated for many reason. One being my Mama reads this occasionally and I don't want to give her a coronary. Here are some G rated pics and video of Blue Kennedy. He is my latest eye candy. He is a gay adult performer. AKA porn star. Sigh, what a hottie.

P.S. for X rated pics of Blu, click HERE.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The picky guy in

Here is an exact wording (copied & pasted) of a guy in his profile in He is being honest and he definitely knows what he want. Good for him I say. He is just 29 and a good looking fit white guy. Sort of a shorter all american Abercrombie type of guy. So I am sure he gets a lot of attention from the asians and I am sure he can afford to have a long laundry list and still manage to get a BF. I am just amused to think that when he is say 45 and somehow lost his good looks from the years of sun damage (most white guys don't age well) or have gotten fat, he would probably have to drastically cut short this list to get a BF. But for now, he reign high and popular. The laws of supply and demand always apply. One can be choosy if the supply is high.

"Ok, I know this may sound like I'm extremely picky but I know what I want and I'm tired of getting the same issues over & over again so here goes.
You be:
1. 21-36
2. Asian (Preferred), Latino, or Black (White guys need not apply...sorry)
4. OUT!!!
5. Masculine
6. Versatile
7. In decent shape (I don't need a gym body but I don't want 30Lbs. or more overweight either)
8. Career/Goal Oriented
9. No party/circuit boys
10. Healthy is important (A balance of physical fitness & eating properly is crucial for a long productive life.
Again, I can't stress this enough...It may sound that I'm very picky but honestly I know what I'm looking for and it's time to filter out the individuals that just won't cut it...sorry guys!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

gay porn vs straight porn

Aside from the obvious between gay porn and straight porn, there is another difference that some may not have thought of. For a gay man watching gay porn, one has to be into both of the performers. He has to have the hots for both of the guys doing the act. But for a straight guy watching a straight porn, he just have to be into the girl. He could care less what the guy looks like. That is why a lot of the straight porn have hot girls but the guys are utterly gross looking. Perhaps now a days the guys are also decent looking but back when I was small and sneaking to watch my dad's straight porn, I found most of the guy performer to be fat and ugly.

There are also new breeds of amateur gay porn where in these ugly producers would pay these hot guys to perform with them. I could think of "military classified" and "Jake Cruise" as examples. Watching these kind of porn for me is just too distracting. Regardless of how hot one of the guy, if the other guy is ugly, I could not get into it. I dunno, perhaps it's just me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

vote for adam

Tonight is American Idol night. I will be glued to the tube and will be voting for the first time ever. Who will I vote for? Adam of course. He is clearly the more talented one. But since Kris is cuter and has that all american boy next door look. I am afraid he will get more vote from the teen girls. All the predictions are split as to who will win. Many are saying that Kris will get Danny's vote too. Oh no... So please vote for Adam!

(pic from yahoo)

Monday, May 18, 2009

I simply don't give a shit.

I consider myself to be a good Physical Therapist. My clinical skills are better than others in my own estimation. For the most part, I really care for the welfare of my patients and do what is within my power to get them better. At the very least do my best to offer some relief to their maladies and pains. But I am also human and I can be bias against certain vexation. And when certain patients annoy the hell out of me, I become a robot therapist. Meaning I just go through the motion of providing them therapy without a care in the world to the person. Their moans and complains enter my right ear and exit my left ear. I respond with a smile and say the appropriate consulatory responses but frankly, I don't give a damn. Do I give them appropriate therapy? The answer is always yes. But is it the best therapy within my power to provide for them? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. I do what is easy and available. I don't go out of my way to provide them the best. Do I exercise my power to give them a break if they arrive late? Bet your bottom dollar I will stick to the letter to the department policy for late arrival. Do I exercise my power to see them early if they arrive early? Absolutely not! They can wait to the last minute until it is their time for therapy. Will I stay overtime to see them when the schedule is full? You kidding me? Of course not. They can wait a week for the next schedule availability for all I care.

This may sound like I am a heartless health care provider. Well yes for some rare occasions. Mostly, I am a sweet caring therapist that garners the adoration of my patients. But if the patient is demanding, stinky, bitchy or a chronic late comer, the uncaring therapist emerges. Physical Therapist are also human.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What summer means to me?

Summer means...

- more outdoor smoking for me when I go out drinking/clubbing. I smoke a stick or two when I drink. And it's too damn cold to step out and smoke in the winter.

- showering with the bathroom door open. I live alone. :-/

- more road rage from the traffic caused by the stupid Cubs game.

- more stupid cyclists/bikers insisting on biking at a major roads (Ashland Avenue) that does not have a designated bike lane. There are better ways to kill yourself. Just keep me out of it.

- longer day light for more biking for me on small neighborhood streets or major roads with a designated bike lane.

- leaner me from all the biking to and from the gym.

- waking up not shivering from feeling cold. I am always cold first thing in the morning.

- more school age folks in downtown Chicago. Not sure if I like or hate that.

- turning the TV volume up cause I can't hear it from the humming/vibrating of the air conditioner.

- eating more deep fried food. I only bring the fryer out in the summer when I can open the windows.

- more eye candy from the hot shirtless men outdoors. Olala!

- more gross me out sights from the fugly shirtless men outdoors. Put that shirt back on!

- more dust indoors since the windows will be open mostly. Where is that sweeper duster?

- more drinking with daylight. I almost always drink only when it's dark out.

- less dry skin which means less prickly winter itch when I feel warm. yey!

- outdoor BBQ of marinated pork meat.

- stinkier doggie poop outdoor. Damn you irresponsible dog owners.

What does summer means for you?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

spring colors

Some beautiful spring colors I was noticing lately. So I decided to take some pics on my way to the gym while biking. Definitely something to rival fall colors.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Mary Poppins

As you might have surmised, I love this musical. Here are just some clips I can't resist not posting. BTW, Ashley Brown sounds just like Julie Andrews.

The Legend of the Seeker

The battle between good and evil? Magic and monsters? Hunky men? This sounds like my kind of show. Legend of the Seeker it is. You can watch all the past episodes on Hulu or the website of the show itself.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tobey McGuire is Hot

You remember that scene in Spiderman 1 when Peter Parker woke up from his sleep after he got home from the museum where the mutant spider bit him? And he checked himself in the mirror and he is all buff? Well he is might fine looking in that scene. I have always thought Tobey McGuire to be cute so here is a gratuitous shirtless video of him. It is around 44 seconds after the start of the video.

Friday, May 08, 2009

I need me some self confidence

I am acquainted with a Filipino guy whom we can call Pedro. He is about 5'6" and neither thin or fat. I venture to say around 25% body fat. Dark smooth skinned and varying length of black hair from the many occasions I have bumped into him. He is quite ordinary looking in my book. Definitely not a head turner for me. Except for those occasion that I chuckle at his outfit. But there is something else I have noticed about Pedro. He seems to be that type of guy who exudes confidence. The way he moves or acts all gave me an impression that he thinks he is so hot or good looking. He got some attitude. Call it false sense of excessive self admiration. Call it narcissistic Dorian Gray phenomenon. But whatever it is he is always with some guy or bunch of guys. So is it his self confidence that earned him his lovers or friends? Or is it just because they all seem to be "ecstasy" popping party going label whores? Who knows but I find it hard to believe that most of those men think he is that Hot. Perhaps I am just jealous but that is not my point. My point is do I have to be like him to have men in my life? Certainly I don't want to be going to every circuit party or rave party popping or sniffing party drugs. Certainly I don't want to be so preoccupied with buying Prada, Gucci or D&G that I begin to fail to see that some of those clothes don't look flattering on me at all. Or is it just that I need to have more self confidence? After all self confidence is attractive to many guys. Definitely something to ponder more on.

Mary Poppins

Last night we saw Mary Poppins, the musical at the Cadillac Theatre in Chicago. I must say it totally surprised and entertained me in an good and unexpected way. From the dancing to the singing to the set on stage all exceed my expectations. It was just a very fun way to spend an evening. Magical, colorful and wholesome! Ashley Brown and Gavin Lee were brilliant as Mary Poppins and Bert. Even the kids who played the Banks children were very good. And also the english accent of everybody was very convincing except for Mrs. Banks (Megan Osterhaus) at certain moments. She looses the accent and Pinky and I both detected it. Only a true proficient such as us notice it. hahaha Oh, I need to mention that I had a blast specially with the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious number. And I was totally flabbergasted when Mary Poppins herself flew with her umbrella on top over to the audience. The part where Bert was walking upside down during the "Step in time" number was a sight to behold. Wow...

After the show, Pinky, Tom and I all scurried to the back of the building to do our stage door Chicago style. I have been on a handful of stage door but every time I still get star strucked and frazzled. My hands would be shaking as I took the picture of Pinky with the star of the show. I got to meet a couple of the star. I totally blew my chance to tell Ashley Brown that she was "practically perfect" as Mary Poppins. And Andrew Keenan-Bolger (Robertson Ay) was so adorable.

(pic from

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"I am a hypocrite"

One of the thing about these religious folks trying to block the gay and lesbian from getting equal marriage rights and privileges is the hypocrisy so commonly seen. They often times select what is convenient for them from the bible and disregard what is not.

And to add to this list of so called "christian" hypocrite is the Miss USA runner up Carrie Prejean. She is opposed to gay marriage cause it goes against her Christian up bringing yet posing scantily clad as a model does not? Hypocrites I say!

Monday, May 04, 2009

"Craigslist killer"

I must confess, I have placed and answered ads from craigslist on a handful of occasions in the past. And this latest arrest of Philip Markoff (aka craigslist killer) is a wake up call for me not to be complacent about answering or putting ads online. Who knows, one of those guys I would meet who look so deceptively innocent and wholesome could be a serial killer or thief at the very least. Case in point, look at Philip Markoff. Who would think such a wholesome handsome white young guy like him could do what he is accused of doing? And the thought that he is exactly the type of guy I would probably go for sends shiver down my spine.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

El Greco

Some pictures of the works of El Greco from the Art Institute of Chicago and the Metropolitan Museum in NYC during my visit. This shows that for an American, you don't have to travel far to witness the product of a well known renaissance era artist. He is one of my favorite. So dark and provocative.

Friday, May 01, 2009

The nurse in her car.

As I mention in my earlier blog, my belief in life is to put myself in another's situation. If I do not like that situation, I will probably not do it to another.

This morning as I arrived in the parking lot meandering about looking for an open space, I saw this nurse sitting in her car chewing some nuts. She obviously just finished her shift and about to leave. As I approach her signalling to use her space, she took her time chewing before she vacated the spot and left. She had that indignant look in her like how dare I "rush" her out.

Well, she does have a right to stay in her spot as long as she wants. That I do not refute. But she also realized that parking spaces are hard to come by and I did not have the luxury of waiting for her to finish her nuts. I had to be at work. And also, she could pull out first to the side and finish her nut if she really wanted to eat it before her trip. It was her attitude of "I don't care about you" that annoyed me. If it was me, I would pull out of my spot ASAP. Sometimes people can just be disgustingly uncaring.