Thursday, January 31, 2013

His lost.

This is the profile of  Chapter2013 in Adam4Adam website.

Looking forward to 2013

38, 5'11", 170lb, 32w, Athletic, Brown Hair, Some Body Hair, White, Looking for Friendship, Relationship.

Hey guys. Just checking things out and chatting mostly. New to Chicago/Lakeview (Southport) as of December! Recommendations of things to do appreciated. Would love to make some local friends, coffee dates, dinner, whatever. Pretty open to that and more.

Casual, Out Yes, Smoke No, Drink Socially, Zodiac Leo.

Bottom, Cut, HIV Negative,



This was our email exchange starting from the bottom:
  • (12/18 00:02) Msg sent and unread by recipient oh ok. Minneapolis is a nice town. well one tip I can give u as a local is this. get a chicago library card since you are a resident now. with that card, you can borrow library cards that would get you in to different museums here for free. its like borrowing a book. you can keep the card for one week and it admits 4 ppl i think. thats a good saving.
  • (12/17 23:59) Minneapolis
  • (12/17 23:59) welcome to chicago. where did you move from? 

    His profile sounded like he was friendly and wanted really to make conversation.  He also did indicate that he needed tips about Chicago since he just moved here.  When I emailed him my tips, he never replied and opened the email.  That is what most people do when they are not interested.  That is fine with me.  Makes little difference to me if he reads my email.  Just funny to point out that his "attitude" of not bothering to even open my email since he was not interested was in fact his lost.  I just gave him a very good friendly tip about Chicago and he missed out on it since he is too uninterested to be bothered to read the email.  haha...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Janet is too friendly.

Is there such as thing as a too friendly dog? It is a resounding yes for me. My dog Janet is too friendly. She would want to meet and greet any person or dog we encounter while we are on our walk. And it is often annoying for many reasons. I maybe in a hurry but yet she is on the hunt for a person or dog to meet and greet instead of focusing on her pee and poo. What if we encounter a Cayote in those late night pee session? She will pull towards the Cayote who would rather eat her than sniff her. If there is a burglar that enters my house while I am gone, she would be useless as a guard dog cause she is too friendly. She will end up licking the burglar to death with affection. And if I have a guest at home, she would go wild with excitement cause she wants to meet the guest as well. Sigh, her friendliness is overkill. But I guess I would rather have a too friendly dog than a mean dog.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wrecking Orchestra dances.

A very cool video I picked up from you tube.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

White guy in a Philippine 20 peso bill?

The history of the Philippines included 300 years of Spanish colonization.   So it is not uncommon to see Filipinos with strong Spanish facial features amongst the few elite of society.  They are the ones that descended from the Spanish colonizers and they are the ones that have easy access to education and opportunities.  Many politicians and government officials comes from that group.

One of these elite of society was President Manuel Quezon.  His face is printed on the Philippines 20 peso bill.  Once I showed an American coworker this 20 peso and his first remark was “Why is there a white guy in your money?”  It has not occurred to me to think of Manuel Quezon as a white guy but on closer inspection, he did look like an older Caucasian in the bill.  For me, he is Filipino because I have seen Filipinos who have strong European features.  They are not plenty but nonetheless not absent.  But for my white coworker, it was very unusual.  The concept of a Filipino that looks European is just so foreign to him. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blaine is hopelessly devoted

I just luv Blaine and I think his rendition of Hopelessly Devoted here is just magnificent.  I got this video from You Tube post of Nihallovemona91.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Book of Mormon: the review.

All my friends raved about it.  It has gotten so many good reviews and it was sold out.  So it was a no brainer that I MUST see The Book of Mormon.

I saw the show 2 nights ago with my friend Tom.  Tom had seen the show in Broadway but it was my first time.  Beaming with anticipation, Tom and I drove to The Bank of America Theatre along Monroe in downtown Chicago.  The parking was 2 blocks away but it did not dampen my spirits.  A brisk walk under a fairly warm January night skies was invigorating.

Our seats were way up high in the balcony cause those were the only seats available.  The theatre was packed and every body were in good mood.  When the show finally started, I have not stopped laughing till it ended.  This show was hilarious!  The kind of humor that is so South Park.  Not surprising cause it was written by the same guys that created South Park.  The show pokes fun on the history and beliefs of the Mormon church in a satiric way.  And I must say it was educational for me cause I do not really know what the Mormons believe in.  The dancing was campy and uber diverting.   The singing voices of all the performers were strong and awe inspiring.  Everybody acted superbly.  Despite of this being a comedic musical, it was not wanting with some tender moments.  It was not just a senseless comedy, the story line had a message too which made it all poignant.

This was one show that was so hyped up and all the hype met my expectations.  I will give this show a 5 star out of 5.  Go see it!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


我從來沒有做過一個博客條目在中文. 我不說真有什麼重要的. 我出生在菲律賓. 我來到美國當我是二十年. 雖然我現在我是美國人. 我仍然認為自己是菲律賓人. 我的祖父母都出生在中國. 但是,我的父母都出生在菲律賓. 這意味著我也認為自己是中國人. 我的三個民族. 我目前居住在芝加哥,但將很快搬到洛杉磯. 我感到非常興奮.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

What to use instead of Half breed?

In the show The New Normal, the kid character Shania was suspended from school because she sang the song "Half breed" by Cher as a school project.  I did not even know that the word half breed is considered offensive.   So my question now is what word to describe a person of having two racial heritage?  Mix race?  Bi racial?  In the Philippines we call anybody of mix race as Meztizo.  There are other words that come to mind.  Mullato for instance is one for half white half black people.  In Hawaii they call them Happa for half asian half caucasian.  In Vietnam they call the half Vietnamese half white as Bui Doi.  We can come up with any politically correct word to describe a person of two races but as long as it is used in a derogatory way, that word can become offensive.  So I say Boo Hoo to those people who are so sensitive about little things like the word Half Breed.  I am sure that word started out as something innocent.  Any new word they come up with will eventually become offensive if ignorant people start using them in an offensive way.  Just remember "negro" that became "colored" that became "black" that is now "African American".

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My special day.

The day before my so called special day started on an unhealthy way.  As in literally I was not in good health.  I somehow developed a cold and I was running a mild temperature.  I was coughing, sneezing and did not feel too great in general.    And I got 5 greetings via text and facebook that said "happy new year and happy birthday".  It is bad enough that my birthday will always be an afterthought of New Year, what made it worse was the fact that it was not even my birthday upon receiving those messages.  New years day is my birthday and not new years eve.  Is my birthday that unspecial that any day around the New Year will do?  Since they can greet me a Happy new year on New years eve, they might as well get it out of the way and greet me a Happy Birthday?   It feels like they might forget or get too busy later to greet me on my actual birthday.  If their goal was to make me feel special by greeting me, they failed miserably.  I would rather that they forget entirely than to greet me early or later as an afterthought.  If some of you think I am being a big baby about this whole new year/birthday thing, then you just don't get it and you will never get it unless you are my shoe.  It is suppose to be my special day and I am entitled to be a big baby for this one day.

The next day I woke up on the day of my birthday feeling a little better.  I still coughed but it cleared out easy.  My mom made me a dry version of miswa with boiled egg and noodle.  Round egg for a whole life and long noodles for a long life.  That was neat that my mom made a traditional birthday dish because it was my birthday.  After an hour or so of watching the Rose Parade on TV, it was time to go to Mayflower in Chinatown and met my cousins for my birthday luncheon.  The food was good and company was priceless.  The best part was I get to celebrate my birthday without New Year stealing the show.  The luncheon was just to celebrate me.  After lunch, we went to Glendale galeria and the Americana shopping area.  I could have bought a jacket for myself but my pragmatic side prevailed.  Picture here and there and then back home.

I must say I was very satisfied on how my birthday went.