Thursday, November 15, 2007

Altar Boyz

Ta Pinky and I went to see the Chicago production of Altar Boys. And I must say I was thoroughly entertained. It was at the Drury Lane Water Tower Place Theatre which was a mid size theatre. This was ideal cause all the seats were "good" seats. You definitely don't need theatre binoculars to see the performer's faces and expressions. The show itself had a very simple stage set up and it was relatively short. The story is about these 4 altar boys plus 1 jewish friend forming a boy band singing praises to the Lord. Despite of the fact that there was no intermission, it did not feel tedious at all cause the fun music and upbeat choreography kept me riveted to the show. There were some pop culture reference to the dance moves like the makarena and the Dreamgirls moves. The lyrics of the songs were brilliant and genius. Just when you think they were going to say one thing "tabooish", they end up saying another totally appropriate. And of course, I must mention the boys. It would not be my review without mentioning the boys. I think they were all adorable and so accomplished. They sing and dance so well. "Me gusta" all of them but I specially like Matthew, Luke and Abraham. Check out which one is which HERE . Make sure you scroll down to the Chicago cast pictures.

I once prayed while in the Vatican for a youngin catholic jowa (bf) and so far God has not answered the prayer. Please Lord, let it be one of the Altar boys... Amen

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

30 days of night

Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with vampires. I escape to the world where you are always young, strong and beautiful plus you can bend the minds of people to your will. Just think of the things I can do with that power???? The next thing you will hear is I am rampaging in boystown. And I am not talking about Linda E or Naomi kind of rampaging down the catwalk.

"30 days of night" came out last week and it stars Josh Hartnett. Let me just get it out of the way by saying the Josh is "me gusta" in this movie. YUM!!! Although there was no skin from Josh, I still would not mind telling Josh to "bite me". So if you like Josh that much, you better head to the movies or get yourself some bootleg copy.
This movie is of course about vampires who wreak havoc in Barrows, Alaska, around winter time when this town had 30 days of no daylight. I like this very premise. Where can you go to escape when the vampires are out and about 24/7? Scary thought huh? And may I say that this movie was indeed scary. Plus it helped that the vampires in this movie were really scary looking, although fashionably in black. Not unlike the Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise "Interview with the Vampire" movie where they were handsome. I also like the fact that there was no "stupid" scenes in the movie. All the characters behaved logically. In this movie, vampires can only be killed by sunlight, beheaded or shred into small pieces. And also, you turn into a vampire by being infected with their blood after being bitten. These I think are the more common lore about vampires. There is one scene in this movie that sort of did not sit well with me. How come Josh turned into a vampire within minutes while the others took hours and days? What is up with that? Oh well, I guess I did not get it. Despite this, I would still rate this movie as "graphically scary", "gory and exciting", "freakishly entertaining". It would surely have a room in my collection of DVD amongst the Horror genre.

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