Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bad things happen to good people means what?

The notion of an Omnipotent good God that has control of all our lives and events here on Earth is just not logical.  If God is truly good, why does he allow bad things to happen even to good pious people?  Yeah yeah I have heard it many times that God is sending all these bad things to test us.  That is just BS as far as I am concern.  What I think really see happening is that all these bad things and good things that happen to good and bad people alike are a product of our actions and can sometimes be random.

Take my friend Jessica.  She is a good catholic girl who married this very devote catholic man.  They go to church and follows the teachings of the church.  The husband even teaches Sunday school at their local parish.  Very pious family indeed.  My friend and her husband has one son and so far unable to have more.  My friend have had several miscarriages.  What I find hard to understand logically is why would a good God not bless this family with more kids.  They are good parent and have the means to bring up good children.  Yet God chooses to let my friend miscarry 5 of the pregnancies she had since her son.  And yet God would allow other unfit mothers to have as many children that they can not care for properly.  All seems too random.  Well it is random cause there is likely no God that controls the events.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My thoughts on Christianity and the Bible.

What I have to say here will perhaps upset some of my family and friends but that has rarely stopped me from speaking my mind.  So here it goes.

I have never been the religious type.  I did not go to Catholic School so my Catholic upbringing is very weak at best.  The more I got educated, the more I am convinced that organized religion as we know it is nothing more but a man-made notion.  Since I do know enough of the eastern faiths, I will restrict my commentary on Christianity.

History tells us that it was the 3rd century after the death of Jesus when the Roman empire become Christian.  It was Queen Helena who convinced Emperor Constantine I to convert to Christianity.  There were many Christian sects practicing their own brand of Christianity that the so called Holy Bible that we know today did not even exist yet.  Constantine I called all the Christian bishops/scholars of his empire to the council of Nicaea to decide on a common book for all Christians and to decide on the several belief systems of Christianity.  At best, it was men who decided what we should believe today about Christianity.  It was men who decided that several Christian books / texts were to be banned from the Bible.  The patriarchal council excluded some texts that appeared to give women more role in the practice of Christianity.  And even the texts that we know from the present day Bible are man made at best.  It was not the actual disciple who wrote the chapters in the Bible that were attributed to them.  It was the followers who passed on these biblical stories from generation to generation.  And we know that facts changes a little bit each time it is passed on from person to person.  So who is to say that the version we know today of these stories were not corrupted???  It was not as if Jesus himself wrote a book that was copied verbatim to the present day version that we know of.  In fact I recently encountered an article written by a present day biblical scholar supporting exactly what I am claiming about the questionable authors of the bible that we know of today.

The more I learn about Christianity, the more I am less convinced of it being the absolute TRUTH.  Christianity at best is a historical fact and not the truth of life and our existence.  I would rather believe in LOGICAL thinking and facts supported by scientific truth than to blindly believe in faith.  That is where I stand.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

These are teenagers?

A sampling from the website  It is soft core porn at best cause I do not believe there is full nudity.  But that is besides the point.  I just can not believe these guys are teen agers.  They sure look a lot older.

Monday, April 08, 2013

I am done with Chicago.

As my days here in Chicago come to an end, I think back to the past 2 years.  It has been 2 years since I made up my mind to move to LA.  The past two years was full of trials and difficulties that I patiently overcome to get to the point where I am today.  Took a graduate class for my credentialing.  Went through the process of getting my credentialing.  Studied for and took an exam in CA jurisprudence for my CA licensure.  And more importantly I patiently went through the process of selling my condo.  Now I have a buyer and am very close to the end.  I am very happy.

These past days I also think on how I got to the decision two years ago that I will move to CA.  The obvious one is to be closer to family that matters.  But there were other factors about my life here in Chicago that made me decide on it.  I am over with Chicago for the following reasons.

1.  The weather.  If it is the the extreme cold, it is the snow that vexes me.  And don't even get me started on the wind.    It is often so windy that biking is just a pain.   So windy that dumpsters and trash bins get blown and contents scattered.  Super annoying.

2.  My condo living situation is a far from pleasant.  I am super hating my noisy neighbor thumping about at 1 in the morning.  I don't care sharing a wall, floor or ceiling with anybody anymore.

3.  My job sucks.  The good jobs that I want are all in the suburbs which means I have to commute over  two hours round trip everyday.  And that is just not something I want to do.  I have to contend with a lousy nursing home job in the city.

4.  Cubs game traffic in my neighborhood is just super annoying.  I do not care about baseball so I hate it when there are hoards of people in my neighborhood due to Cubs game.

5.  The gay scene and dating for me has been nonexistent.  Many gay guys have hang ups about dating an Asian guy and the ones that will date an Asian guy are taken.  Too many Asians wanting to date non asian.  All about supply and demand.

6.  My social life is pretty lame too.  I can only think of a handful of people that I will miss once I am gone.  I have several friends but very few that I am really close with.

A lot of these reasons are things I did not mind before.  But now that I am leaving, it just super annoys me.  Bye bye Chicago.