Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I am now a Fanadu

Ta Pinky, Ta Lani, Tom and Mike all liked Xanadu very much. I was tingling in anticipation to see it this past new years weekend in NYC. I was afraid that it will not reach the height of my expectations after all the rave reviews from my friends. But upon my word, I was animated to an equal pitch by the praises of my friends. It was just a fun and enjoyable show. I am now a Fanadu myself. And to cap my evening after the show, Ta Lani and I did my first stage door ever!!! It was exciting waiting for the stars to come out not knowing how I should behave. My hands were trembling taking their pictures. They were indeed friendly with no false dignity at all. They signed all the playbills we had with pleasure. Here are some pictures we took and I am glad they are not at all blurry.
Tony Roberts who played Danny Maguire and Zeus.

Mary Testa who played Melpomene and Medusa. Who is the cute guy in the background?

Kerry Butler who played Clio/Kira. Si be pretty...

And Cheyenne Jackson who played Sonny. May I say that Ta Lani and I could drown in those eyes of his.