Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have always been a proponent of free choice. This mentality of mine goes the same for my views on marriage. For me, a Civil marriage is a contract of rights, privileges and obligations between two consenting adults of sound minds recognized by any sovereign state. This can be between blacks/whites, gay men, lesbians, amputee/blind, mormons/muslims, tall/short, witches/muggles, liberal/conservative, young/old, japanese/nigerian, cubs fan/sox fan, outdoorsy/homebody, carnivores/vegetarians, straight men/transgender, diabetic/epileptic, punks/preppies, jets/sharks, Capulet/Montague, morbidly obese/bone skinny, democrat/republican, etc.

Having said my views on civil marriage, let me expound my views on polygamy. I am for Polygamy only if it is:
1. between consenting adults who were not forced or pressured into the situations by their family or any organization/cult. Not like the FLDS polygamist who forced underaged girls to marry their cousins.
2. equal between men and women. Meaning both men and women can have multiple wives and husbands. Not like the Islam belief of polygamy that only a man can have a harem of wives.
3. recognized by the state. The state also has to have laws on the rights, privileges and obligations of the parties involved in the polygamy. How is the wealth of the deceased to be divided among the survived spouses? How is divorce to be handled? Custody of children? Alimony? Conjugal properties? We just presently don't have the laws for these situations.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Shizuka Arakawa did a triple salchow - triple toe loop - triple loop combination in one of her practice sessions. This combination is worth >13 points and even a quad jump is only around 9 points. I believe she is the only lady skater who can do this and may I dare any of the men to do it. With this alone, she truly deserved that Olympic Gold. But she is more than just a jumper. She has graceful elegance and it is almost she caresses the ice when she lands her jumps. And don't even get me talking about her layback Ina Bauer spiral. Truly brilliant!

PS I still love you Michelle Kwan...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Roland Garros

The French Open also known as Roland Garros is upon us. It started yesterday. Andy Roddick and Lindsay Davenport withdrew from the tournament but Serena and Venus are still in. And so far they won their first round. Serena was interviewed saying that she feels fit and healthy. Well I hope so. The problem when it comes to rooting for Serena is the ups and downs. She has won this tittle before and I hope it will be a good year again for her in the French Open. And also, may I mention that my favorite Russian Mikhail Youzhny will be playing his first round tomorrow. Go Mikhail, just don't hit yourself.
(pic from

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Deal Breaker

There are things in a relationship or potential relationship that we all can not cope with. These are the deal breakers. I do have my deal breaker list. I have listed them into two categories. One is the absolute deal breaker which are non-negotiable. The second is the relative deal breaker which can go either way. It can either be salvage or not.

- He is hung like a horse and is only a top. No way! Funny, I know guys who list this on their
must have.
- He does not communicate. A relationship is doomed if there is no communication.
- He is poor and has no direction in life. Meaning he is not working on some plan to improve his
financial situation. Been there done that... no thanks.
- He does not honor his words. I am fed up with guys who says one thing and does another.
Just being online, I have chatted with guys who agrees to meet up for a drink or something but never follow through. Are they liars? Perhaps they are, perhaps they just don't take seriously
the commitments they gave. I have no patience for being stood up. I can understand if
something important came up, just explain yourself even if it is after the fact.
- Body odor and bad breath. Sometimes these things are just irreversible.
- Thick dense hair in his entire back... enough said there.
- Complete closet case. Being out to family and friends is important to me. If I am in a serious
relationship with a guy, I need to be a part of his life and not some secret that he needs to
- If I am just a consolation prize and he will bail out in a heart beat if he can be with the one he
truly yearns for, I am not even going to go there.
- A violent person with a volatile temper. I am not going to be a beaten husband. No drama in
my life please.
- Under 21 and over 50. I am not even explaining the under 21 but with the over 50, I will say
no to that for now. I will probably change my mind on it as I approach 50 myself.

- Some chest hair. I prefer them smooth chested but if they have some chest hair, I can turn
the other way if their personality is great.
- Facial hair. I can forgive a goatee or 4 o'clock shadow. Not just a 70's mustache.
- A little overweight or too skinny. Nobody is perfect. If the face is handsome, I can deal with
the imperfect body. I put more face value on the face.
- Semi closeted but on his way to coming out.
- Guys who never reciprocate the interest. I have no problem pursuing or wooing a guy but if I
am the only one showing interest and he is being passive, I will walk away from it.
- Guys who are interested with several men and I have to compete for their affection. This I don't tolerate well. I have no desire to be in a gay "The Bachelor".
- Under 25 and over 45 years old. If he is under 25, he better be mature for his age. And if he is
over 45, he better look good for his age.
- He is on medication for some psychological problem. As long as the "problem" is controlled.
Again, no drama in my life please.
- Poor hygiene. As long as this can be corrected, I will give it a go.
- Picky eater or a vegetarian. I love food and I like cooking for my man. But if he is too picky, it
can be tricky. And let me just say I prefer a meat eater.
- He is a slob in the house. I like a neat and orderly place. I can not cohabitate with someone
who is a complete slob. But I can meet half way with this person if we are to cohabitate.
- He cheats on me once. Yes, to err is human but you only got one chance baby.
- Still too "involved" with his ex. He spend 90% of this free time with his ex. He has solo pictures of his ex in his room. He has a website with pics of his ex. Makes me think he is not over his ex. Hmmm. This requires further investigation on what his ex is really to him at the moment.
- Fabio like hair. He needs to be perfect in other aspect for me to go out with a long haired guy. Just imagine making love to him then he flicks his hair like in those shampoo commercials? That will definitely make me soft.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

It's Memorial Day weekend and it's IML in Chicago. Hope everybody will have a good Holiday weekend. I for one am looking forward to hopefully an exciting one. 3 days off is the best!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I think we're gay.

Another funny video with a twist I saw in you tube. I tell you, that Youtube is a wealth of fun.

unhappy birthday

Indulge me here cause I just want to whine about my birthday and birthdate. For me, birthday is just another reminder that I am getting old. Just another reminder that illness and diseases will soon creep up on me. Just another reminder that I am getting more undesirable in general cause we all know that we as a culture puts a premium on youth. I can not recall a birthday that I was trully happy. Yeah there were a handful of birthdays that were fun and OK. Since my birthdate falls on New Years day, it is often just an afterthought with my friends and family. "Happy New Year!!! Oh also, Happy Birthday!" As a child, I only had one birthday party done a few days after the actual date and was also combined birthday party with my brother. Even as an adult, my birthday is non-special with my friends and family. I have to actually throw a party for some of my friends to celebrate it with me. After all the busy festivities with Christmas and New Year, the last thing they have in their mind is my birthday. Every Holiday season, I have to plan myself something special I want to do if I don't want another uneventful birthday. And don't even get me started with the gift! Often, I get a combined gift for my birthday and Christmas. If not combined, it's the unwanted gift they got from Christmas that gets to be my birthday gift. sigh...

There, I got it out of my chest. Now I can be less selfish and count my blessings.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Cook

David Cook is the new American Idol by 12 million votes. Frankly, I am a little surprise because David Archuleta seems to be the clear winner. The judges seems to think so. Surprise I may have been, but not disappointed. I believe both finalists are good artist and either one deserve to win. Congratulations David Cook. Congratulations David Archuleta.

(pic from

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pet Peeve - toppling soda bottles

I hate buying 2 liters soda. First they are so heavy and second, they topple so easily. Who designed the bottom of these plastic soda bottle to be grooved and shaped like a flower? It could barely stand on its own on a flat surface. And if you put 2 or 3 of them in grocery plastic bags, they almost always topple.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

2 down, 48 to go.

Last May 15, 2008, the Supreme Court of California overturned the ban on same-sex marriage in effect making it legal. This is the second State to do so following Massachusetts who legalized same-sex marriage in May 17, 2004. Outside of the USA, same sex-marriage is legal in Quebec, Ontario, Netherlands, Belgium and British Columbia. This is definitely good news for gay equal rights fight. The rights and obligations attached to a marriage should be available to anybody regardless of race, religious belief, class or sexual orientation. And I am not even talking about a religious marriage but a civil marriage. Those religions who want to ban gay marriage in their own organization can do so. No me importa!
Well, I better find a BF so we can go to California and get married. Or better yet, my dear gay cousin and his long time partner in California could get married so I will have the excuse to attend my first ever gay wedding!

Pet Peeve - overtaking on the right.

I am telling you all, driving is a rich source of vexation. I am sharing another one of my pet peeve when I am driving.
I am sure you guys have seen an intersection where there is an extra right lane either for the bus stop or the right turn lane. Some crazy and impatient drivers have the habit of going to the right lane during a red light and then zooming to over take from the right the car on their left when the lights turn green. Same thing can happen on a 4 way stop. Can't they wait for their turn just like the rest of us? That is just plain annoying! Oh how I hope they get ticketed for that behavior. If only I am Harry Potter, I would use my wand to jinx their car in an instant. Then I would be expelled from Hogwarts. I think it is worth it...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sharapova being a diva

spoMaria Sharapova made a big bruhaha about two weeks ago when the WTA asked her to do some publicity photo shot before the Italian Open. She posted her displeasure in her website stating that the photo shoot is a distraction and that she wants to prepare for her game. She added that the WTA threatened to fine her $300,000 if she refuse to participate in the photo shoot. A statement by the WTA state that this is one of her obligation along with other players and she knows that.

Well I say she is just being a big diva. She may be ranked number 1 due to the retirement of Henin, but expecting to be treated differently from other players is just plain devoid of class.

The WTA and Sharapova eventually reached a compromise where the photo shoot was reduced to 90 minutes instead of several hours. Even with the compromise, she still compained about it. What do you know...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Are we afraid of our children?

"In desperate housewives, Lynnette end up adopting, along with Tom, the love child (Kaila) Tom had before they were married. Kaila lives with them now and the show has made her character to be a very evil one. She is perhaps around 10-12 years old and yet she is capable of being a conniving little girl. She tricked her younger half brothers to jumped off the roof and burn a pizza place. When Lynnette brought her to the psychologist to correct her attitude and behaviour towards her half brothers, she threatened Lynnette to go to the police and tell that the boys burned the pizza place. When Lynnette brought her shopping to bond (per suggestion of the counselor), she intentionally acted bratty and demanded to have the expensive outfit. She also demanded to have ice cream and when Lynnette refused cause it's almost dinner time, she maliciously threatened to trick her brothers again to do something heinous. Lynnette was taken aback and gave Kaila a slapped in the face. She then immediately apologized and was mortified with herself. Tom was furious that Lynnette slapped Kaila."

Was Lynnette wrong in slapping Kaila?
>Absolutely NOT. Kaila knew exactly that she was being a very bad girl and there was malice in her intent. She deserved to be punished. Perhaps next time she will think twice about her actions in FEAR of another slapping.

Was there another way of punishing Kaila?
>Sure, there are plenty of ways to punish a wrong doer. But the key is will they learn from their mistake? Will they fear the punishment enough that will deter them from doing the wrong thing again? The punishment has to be severe enough to instill good behavior. Just look at the Military. Why do you think the soldiers don't misbehave? Because they fear the punishment and repercussion of their actions.

Should we never use corporal punishment to very naughty children?
>Absolutely NOT. Corporal punishment is a very effective way of punishing. The key is to know when to use it. The key is to know how much of it is enough. Our society has altogether frown upon corporal punishment because of potential for abuse. Yes I agree completely. There is a fine line between just punishing your child physically and being physically abusive. But most parents love their children to know the difference. Don't let the few abusers ruin it for the rest of non-abusers.

Are we adults afraid of children?
>A qualified YES. You hear of children threatening their parents to report them to the police when they don't like the punishment. Teachers can not maintain proper discipline in the classroom because the children have no fear. Children being disrespectful to adults verbally because they know that they can get away with it. It is so sad. I am glad that I will likely never be a parent cause I know I can never raise a child in this climate.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Memorial day is IML in Chicago.

For 30 years now, Chicago has been the host to IML which stands for International Mr. Leather. It is primarily a gay mans event but some ladies do participate. Leather enthusiast all over the world (mostly North America and Europe) gather to Chicago on Memorial Day weekend to celebrate their love for leather and the leather lifestyle. It is not only all about leather, some fetishes like S&M, Daddies/son, piercing, tattoos, uniforms and sports outfits are also celebrated. For this IML, Hyatt Regency Chicago is again the host hotel. There are events, booths, demonstrations and socialization going on in the hotel for the 4-5 days of the event starting Thursday till Monday. The event organizer usually buys out a big chunk of the hotel rooms for the IML participants. Some portion of the hotel will be block off to the general public and there will be signs warning the unsuspecting guest of the possible "shockers" they might encounter in the hotel premisses. Definitely not a sight for little Suzie and little Michael with their Baptist parents from Peducah Kentucky to behold. Of course the gay leather bars (Eagle, Touche and Cell block) in Chicago will entertain to the max of their capacity guests all over the world. Usually these bars are never filled to the point that you could barely move around inside but during IML they are. Bus loads of leather daddies, masters, slaves, bears and otters will be transported to and from the bars and host hotel. And let me just say that "unmentionable" things do occur in these bars during IML. Other regular gay bars will have leather themed events going on too during that weekend. On top of those things happening in the bars and host hotel, there are circuit dance events going on too and of course the International Mr. Leather contest. Ah definitely a holiday weekend for me to stay in Chicago.
(pic from the IML website)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Voltes 5 in concert.

This Japanese singer named LOLA rocks as she sings the opening credit to voltes v. I am excessively diverted.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Luke MacFarlane

I love that show "Brothers and Sisters" in ABC and one of the reason behind it is the gay sub storyline they have about Kevin and Scotty. Scotty is being played by the very handsome Luke MacFarlane. He is Canadian born actor based in LA who studied at the The Juilliard School. He played some off broadway roles and now is a recurring character of "Brothers and Sisters" as Scotty. They just got "married" in the show which is very refreshing to see. Luke is an openly out gay actor who is now seen in LA hanging with TR Knight who is also openly out gay actor of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy". I wonder if they are dating....
(pics above from, and respectively)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 09, 2008

funny commercials

Just some funny commercials I saw in youtube.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there specially to my mama.

Also to the moms I know like Dee, Carmen, Maria O, Maria R, Marie M, Jean, Franny, Marnie, Marie, Isabel, Sheila, Dole, auntie, Q, Sa-e, Bea, Abel, Lenga, Isang, Narra, Chingbee and Cristina. You all deserve a special day. And special it is indeed.

(pic from

Pet peeve - sirens/honks from the radio

When I am driving, I sometimes listen to the radio instead of the CD. And sometimes the radio programs, songs or commercials would incorporate honking or emergency vehicle sirens in their programing. This is annoying because it always makes me nervous. I would be looking around to see if there is an emergency vehicle around or if somebody is honking at me. I would have to lower the radio volume to check if it is actually coming from the street or the radio. That's just stupendous.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Act of Kindness

It was 9 pm when I headed out to the gym. After parking my car and walking down the sidewalk towards the gym, I saw what looks like a blind man with his stick waiting to cross the street. I stopped to study the man and his actions more but he was not moving and it was already a "walk" sign for him. After determining that he obviously needed help, I was moving to cross the street to escort this blind man across but good thing I was not alone with the intent to help. Already there was a woman who had crossed the street and spoke to the blind man. She ended up helping the blind man cross the street. This act of kindness that I saw tonight made me feel good about our society. Thank Goodness.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

tiger roars

This is a video I took at Lincoln Park Zoo of a tiger roaring and taking a dump. There is a first time for everything I say. It's a lame post but the beauty of it all, I can do whatever I want in my blog. Right?

Rick Astley - Vincent

Time for some feel good Rick Astley video singing a classic "vincent".

Navy Numa Numa

Another version of the "numa numa" song made by bored Navy guys. I think it's amusing. You know me, I support our men in uniform...


Another funny video that found a home in my blog. It's a parody of "don't ya think your girlfriend is hot like me" by the pussycat dolls.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Do I like what I do?

Whenever a new acquaintance or my patients ask me if I like what I do, I have no difficulty is giving them a "it's OK" answer. I have long recognized that Physical Therapy is not my passion in life. Don't get me wrong, I am very good at what I do but if I do not have pragmatic reasons to be in it, I most definitely won't. I feel those who does what they passionately like to be very lucky. For the rest of us, our job/profession is more of a practical choice. Now if you ask what is my passion? I don't think I have found that one passion. I don't think that we are limited to one passion. For me, I do have several things that I like. Performance arts is one of them. I would like to have studied theater arts or music. Another thing I like is languages. If I was born with a golden spoon, I would just enroll in all those languages and be fluent in them. Coupled with learning different languages is traveling to those places that speak the language. I would immerse myself to the local culture. I do like to travel and see different places.
Now let's say hypothetically I get to do those things I listed above, do you think I will never get tired of it? Will I ever reach a point that I would be looking at some other things that I might think I am more passionate about?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Hindi Ako Bakla

My friend Bong forwarded this video to me. It is hilarious but I am afraid you have to be Filipino raised in the Philippines to grasp the humor completely. I am vastly amused.