Monday, May 31, 2010

snakehead fish - awesome!

I am recently fascinated by videos of vicious fish eating live fish or smaller animals like frogs/mice. Unfortunately these fish are not sold in pet store or I would have bought me some killers. Here are some videos of snakehead viciously attacking smaller fish.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pinoy berkz????

My coworker gave me this website where one can watch Filipino movies for free. It is streaming video so no downloads and membership required. I say AWESOME! Now I can watch some pinoy shows and movies for free. The website is

my Orchid in bloom

Monday, May 24, 2010

TV reflect society.

I just saw an old episode of "Will & Grace" titled "A Gay/December Romance". As a side story to Will's sugar daddy story line, Grace was involved in a boycott on a noodle restaurant called Happy Noodles. It all started when she dropped her take out noodle because it was hot and she was careless about it. When the owner won't give her a replacement noodle for free, she got upset about it. In her mind, she should have been warned that the noodle was hot and she argued that the lid was not closed completely. She believed she was wronged instead of taking ownership for her own carelessness, so she went on a crusade to tell her friends not to eat at Happy Noodle and even picketed the establishment.

We laugh about this situational comedy and how ridiculous Grace behaved but it does reflect American mentality in general. We as a society have the tendency to rather blame someone else than take responsibility for our own actions. Why do we have so many lawsuits in general? Many of which are so frivolous that it defies belief. Why do we have so many warning labels in products of which many are so ridiculously common sense to begin with? Just at the gym, the workout machine have a warning label that say not to use when broken. I suppose someone used a broken machine and got hurt and end up suing the maker of the machine.

When it happens in reality, it is not funny anymore...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sexy Channing or chunky Channing?



Channing Tatum is one good looking actor. Personally if I have to date Channing as a regular person, I would prefer to date the chunky Channing. The sexy Channing seems like too out of my league to date. He seems like the guy that other gay guys would want to steal from me. While the chunky Channing is slightly flawed and more realistically dateable.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How dare those lesbians

I was just watching this old episode of "friends" where Ross' ex-wife Carol was pregnant with his child. And in this episode, Carol was with her lesbian partner Susan. They were arguing about the possible names for the baby and the last name of the baby. The two lesbian were deciding together what to name the child and they wanted to use their hyphenated last names for the child. The two lesbians were excluding Ross from these important decisions and from using his last name.

It really annoyed me that they would do that to Ross. It was Ross' biological child and if anybody had the deciding authority about the child, it should be Ross and Carol. Not Carol and her lesbian lover Susan! Susan had no fucking right to exclude Ross in the decision making. She, the spermless person, had no contribution in the creation of this child. If she wanted to exclude Ross, then she and Carol should have gone to a sperm bank and got themselves pregnant. Carol can't just get herself pregnant with her ex-husband and exclude him now that she is with her lesbian lover. That is fucking wrong! GGrrrrr!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lobo - the review part 1

Thanks to my cousin, I now have the complete DVD series of the Filipino Tele-novela titled "Lobo". So I have been watching an hour or two every night. So far I have only watched 2 DVDs and my initial impression is a mixed bag of comical amusement and genuine interest. I am interested by the story line which involves werewolves and the Romeo & Juliet love story that seems to be evolving. And of course the lead star Piolo Pascual is such a hotty that I have to watch it. On the other hand, I am amused by the poor quality of the script and the sometimes unrealistic dialog. And the overacting by the lead female star Angel Locsin is also comical to the point that it is sometimes annoying. It also does not help that they use huskies dog as the werewolves the character transforms to. It does not look scary at all. Back to the positive side, another note worthy star in this show is Pilar Pilapil. She still looks radiant in her advance age and her portrayal of the Fashion design executive is very apropos. Her role reminds me so much of Miranda Priestly in the Devil wears Prada.

It has been a while since I have watched a Filipino Tele-novela. I should have known this was to be expected. Perhaps my opinion of it will improve upon finishing the series. We will have to wait for the part 2 review.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Patient and sarcasm

> It is almost always the Public Aid / Medicaid patients who abuse their schedule and simply do not show up for their therapy. They do not have to pay for their insurance so they take for granted the value of having one.

> It is almost always the Public Aid / Medicaid patients who seem to be the most audaciously demanding with their therapy.

> It is almost always the low income uneducated patients who thinks it is OK to get evaluated by one Physical Therapist and get seen for follow up treatments by multiple other therapists. They do not seem to get the concept that the evaluating therapist is the best person to work with their problem.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A day at Newport Beach

This was taken towards the end of April when I visited my cousins in LA. They rented a beautiful Italian style villa at Newport Beach. It was also the baptism of my 3rd and 4th Godchildren Isabella and William. One of those days, we visited the beach. It was an awesome long weekend for me to see family and just chillax with them.