Tuesday, June 30, 2009

40th Gay Pride Parade Photos

I did not see the Parade in its entirety but I manage of take some pictures on the Hot, the Funny, and the Stolen.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Connection between Gay Pride Parade and Musicals

This past Sunday was the 40th Gay Pride Parade here in Chicago. I was there along with Pinky and Tom to watch the parade. Here are some pictures that relates to Musicals/Stage Shows. The fabulous Mary Poppins fan that the Mary Poppins contigent must have given away. I unfortunately missed that but I saw this fan. I, on the other hand, did not miss the float that promoted the other musicals showing or going to be shown in Chicago. You can see Jersey Boys, In the Heights, Young Frankenstein and Spring Awakening. Also saw the float for Late Night Catechism.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

blogging material from a chat

Most of my blog material comes from my life experience. And since I do spend enough time online chatting, my latest experience online gave me some blogging material.

Just this afternoon I was chatting with this guy. He was nice looking and flirty. Then we got to talk about the kind of guys we are physically attracted to. I told him my preference which included a smooth body more over a hairy body. He added that he is hairy and is disqualified. At this point, I was not writing him off so I asked about how hairy he is. Then the chat turned 180. He got unfriendly and even hostile. So I asked him what just happened. He went on indirectly insulting me about rejecting him for being hairy. To be honest, I was going to overlook the fact that he is so hairy if he has a great personality. But it was too late. He just revealed an unattractive side of his personality. Obviously he was rejected before for being hairy that my inquiry about it triggered that defensive side of him. He projected that anger and came to the conclusion that I was rejecting him. I am not going to lie that I am not attracted to a very hairy guy but it is not something that is a deal breaker. I have lately softened my opinion on it.

Several conclusion I came out of this. Well more like a reinforcement of what I deep down already knew. Online chat is so limited that face to face conversation can offer. There is the tone and body language which can say a lot about the situation or circumstances. Another thing is that initial reactions of a person from certain situation can reveal a deeper issue of that person. Like this guy in my online chat this afternoon. He just revealed to me that he is quick to anger and that is definitely a deal breaker for me. Another thing is that unless we decide to live as a hermit in a cave somewhere in the boonies, we should be prepared to encounter crazy or unreasonable people. So just live and learn from it. And lastly, in life we will encounter reaction from people that may seem unreasonable but if we think about it more, this reaction is just a product of his life experiences. And it gives me more reason for self study and analysis so that I may be able to react reasonably to others despite of my own life experiences.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson for me...

Almost every news on TV lately have a segment on the death of Michael Jackson. In as much that I recognized his talent and brilliance as an artist, I can't help but scoff at the freak show that he became in the last 2 decades of his life. I liked him up until "Thriller". Then the over the top freak show came. The plastic surgerieS, whitening of his skin, straightening of his hair, mask wearing, pet chimp, animals in his compound, amusement park in his compound, frolicking with Macaulay Culkin/Elizabeth Taylor, getting white children to father and child molestation charges are all like a car wreak. I can't help but look despite of being repulsed. Unfortunately that is what I remember of him every time I hear news of his death. Somebody wise reminded me once that I should not judge a person cause I have not lived his/her life to know fully the circumstances. Wisely said indeed but the truth is, we all judge others. I am just blogging about it instead of keeping it to myself.

Happy Gay Pride

This weekend is the gay pride weekend in many major cities including Chicago. The Chicago Pride Fest started yesterday and goes on till today. It is a 2 day street fair similar to Market Days but smaller. And officially the Pride Fest is a gay event while the Market Days is just very gay. The Pride fest street fair is along Halsted Street from Addison to Grace.

Tomorrow is the 40th Gay Pride parade for Chicago. The parade starts at noon and can go on for 4-5 hours. The parade starts at Belmont and Halsted heading north then loops south at Grace up to Diversey then it heads east to the park. For more information on the parade, click HERE.

For those of you who are out and proud, this is a celebration for being proud of who you are. For those of you who are still in the closet, I hope you would join your fellow gay brothers and sisters in solidarity to end discrimination and oppression from those who do not understand us.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Red Caramel Photography

I would like to do a special plug for the business of my friend's sister and her husband. I have met them twice and they are just the nicest couple. I wish them both success in their business venture. Their business is called Red Caramel Photography. It comes with a blog too! I have seen their work and I dare say they have the talent and eye for good photography. Good luck guys.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

bad breath?

I am a person who is quite particular about hygiene. This means body and mouth hygiene. I shower once or twice a day, I brush my teeth at least twice a day, I floss daily and I gargle daily at night. I have not had any complain from friends and family that I have body odor or bad breath. Fortunately I am not a big sweater and my smooth body both are not conducive for bacterial growth that can cause B.O.

I have been intimate with several people that I thought had B.O. but I have only kissed one person that I thought had bad breath. He unfortunately have bad teeth and gums that I think was the cause of his bad breath. He was also a chain smoker which did not help.

I invited a guy once for dinner at my place and we both ate beef based soup and mango for dessert. We both drank beer as we sat and talked. Later that evening as we both got more intimate with each other, I noticed he did not really like to kiss. A few days later during an online chat, I was able to pry it out of him that he thought I had bad breath that evening. I was surprise of course but at the same time thankful that I got an honest feedback. After all, one does not just nonchalantly say to another that he/she have bad breath unless both are really close friends or family members. And I did not want to be that person who has bad breath but nobody will dare tell him. The bad breath feedback from this guy made me all conscious about myself. I called 4 close friends and asked them if they have detected any bad breath at all from me from all those years that we have been in close proximity to each other. All said no and these are friends who would tell me the truth. I even contacted a guy I have been intimate with to ask him if he thought I had bad breath and he honestly said no too. So do I really have bad breath or this feedback guy was just a very sensitive person that anything less than minty fresh is bad breath for him? Or was he just saying that I had bad breath cause he does not like to kiss? Regardless of whether his feedback was valid or not, I took it seriously and researched about halitosis. The web showed that among the obvious causes of bad breath (gum disease, pungent food, smoking, poor oral hygiene) another thing that can commonly cause bad breath is the food residue that get stuck in our tongue. The web recommend using a tongue scrapper. Boy did I go to the store immediately and bought one. Even if I do not really have bad breath, using a tongue scraper is not harmful. In fact it is another part of good oral hygiene that most of us don't do. My mom was right after all in telling me to use a tongue scraper and I have all these time brushed off her advise.

Now after adapting this new more meticulous oral hygiene routine, I will have to test kissing this guy again for another feedback.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Additional 6 Pro tennis hotties.

Since Wimbledon is upon us. I am all about tennis again. Here are my additional hot pro tennis men in random order. For the initial 10 hotties, click HERE.

Richard Gasquet from France. Born June 18, 1986. Currently not playing in the tour due to testing positive for cocaine. That does not mean he is any less HOT.

Evgeny Korolev from Russia. Born February 14, 1988.

Arnaud Clément from France. Born 17 December 1977.

José Javier "Chucho" Acasuso from Argentina. Born October 20, 1982.

Bjorn Phau from Germany. Born October 4, 1979 to a German mother and Indonesian Father. One hot "boi doi".

Ernest Gulbis from Latvia. Born August 30, 1988. Very boyish goodlooks.

Simone Bolelli from Italy. Born October 8, 1985. Classic Italian good looks.