Friday, June 29, 2012

Friends influence each other.

My friend Tom and I are both professional tennis fan. We like to follow the players and we know the game. Well Tom knows it better than I but we both do enjoy watching it. The past year I have noticed that the players we like and dislike seems to match up. I distinctly remember that I use to not mind Caroline Wozniacki but ever since Tom expressed dislike for her and called her "Gilagid" (translate as gum cause her gums shows prominently when she smiles), I started to not like her also. Now both of us root for her not too win. I also remember that Tom at one point did not care for Serena Williams and called her "baboy Ramo" and I on the other hand always root for Serena to win. Now Tom also roots for Serena to win although we still call her Baboy Ramo. I also remember that Tom use to not mind Maria Sharapova but since I really really hate her, Tom now do not like her too. And lastly, I use to don't care for  Rafa Nadal but since Tom likes him a lot, now I like Rafa as well. Tom also likes Richard Gasquet and he seems to have influenced me into like Richard too. We also both hate Novak Djokovic because of his apparent arrogance. We both like Roger Federer for his game and humility.

 Was it because we both don't want to clash on who we like or dislike because of our friendship or perhaps we did influence each other. I find this amusing.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Be proud at least on Gay Pride day.

Happy Fun Gay Pride Day. The last Sunday of June is always Gay Pride Parade in Chicago. Even though I am prolly not watching it for many reasons, I still want to greet everybody a Happy Gay Pride day. Being gay is something I strive to be proud of every day and not just once a year. But it is not always the case. So it is nice to have a day once I year to be reminded that I am who I am and that I should be proud of it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Money is not always the bottom line...

I left my part time job with Accelerated cause new management was reducing my already part time hours to 1-2 hours from 4-5 hours on the days that I go there.  And considering that I have to drive up to Skokie from Chicago for this job, sometimes working 1-2 hours is barely worth it.  The gas prices and the long commute made it easy for me to make up my mind that I should look for another job.  And that I  did.  I found a new full time work less than 2 miles from home.  I would have stayed with Accelerated if I had enough hours to make a good decent wage.  It was not a bad place to work for.  But it is a moot point now.  I already left them.

I heard from my previous coworker that my work clinic at Skokie is having a hard time filling my old part time post.  And that they got busier and desperately needed extra help.  I am not surprise by this cause my position with them was unique.  I was able to increase my hours and decrease my hours as needed.  It was a win situation for them cause I was that flexible.  And I believe that they could not find another therapist with my flexibility that easily.   I was proven correct by the report of my ex-coworker.

I honestly do not feel sorry for them cause the new management "drove" me away by their persistent stinginess.  Yes I understand that in business, money is the bottom line.  And yes I understand that my position was suppose to have flexible hours.  But on the other hand if a business is all about saving money and does not take care of their employee, they will loose them.  This is what happened to me.  I felt that the new management got too focused on reducing my hours.  They forgot that my flexibility was hard to come by.   And after an extended period of having that situation, I was ready to move to greener pasture.  I told them exactly why I was leaving them.  Perhaps now the new management realized that they should have given me more hours.  If they had, they would now not have a issue of meeting their staffing needs.  Oh well...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friends & acquaintances

Another nifty setting that facebook allows us is the classifying of friends list as Friends or Acquaintance. And whenever you make a post, you can choose whether all friends can see it or only friends except acquaintance. I think this is awesome. Cause if you do not care enough for someone in your list yet you are unwilling to unfriend them yet, you can put them in the acquaintance list. So whenever you make a post, you can set it up that no acquaintance can see it. That way, these acquaintance would think that you are just not posting in facebook. The less they see of you in facebook, the less they will comment. The less you hear from them, the happier you are.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Won't wait for the DVD release of Magic Mike.

I am so watching Magic Mike on the big screen.  I am not waiting for it to be release on DVD.  It opens on June 29.  I heart Channing Tatum and I know he could dance. So this should be delicious.  The one thing I kind of find grievous is Matthew McConaughey as a stripper. He seems kinda old for that.  Perhaps he plays the role of an older stripper on the verge of retirement. We will have to see.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Everybody can be prejudice.

I always hold a person belonging to a minority to be more understanding of other minority. Why? Simple logic would dictate that most minority has experienced some sort of discrimination from the majority so they know how it feels to be oppressed. Hence I feel they would be more understanding and less prejudice of others cause they know it is not nice. But evidently, some oppressed can be oppressors too.

One of my client at work is an elderly black woman. Being elderly, black and a woman, I am sure she has seen all forms of discrimination from ageist, racist and sexist, respectively. And one would think that she did not like being at the receiving end of prejudicial words or deeds. So she would have learnt to be less prejudice herself. But I discovered today that this elderly black woman has her own prejudice that she throws out there to the psychologically disturbed people who are not exactly on the well groomed side. I took her out today to the outdoor ice cream social of residents at my work cause she mentioned yesterday, while we were outdoors practicing her walking, that it would be nice to have ice cream outdoors on a warm summer day. And most of the resident that participate in the outdoor ice cream social activity are from the psych and dementia floors. Many of them are not well kept physically. While we were out in the garden sitting with the other residents eating ice cream, my client noticed some of the unkept people and made a negative comment about their appearance. So I told her that some of those people have psych problems that is why they may look that way. After a few minutes of her observing the people around her, she began muttering that it was disgusting to be out there with "those" people. And that she did not belong there with "those" people. So I tried to explain to her that we were not out there cause I thought she belonged with psych residents. I reminded her that it was she who wanted to be outdoors and have some ice cream. But she continued to be displeased with her situation so I just asked her if she wanted to go back in. We did end up going back indoors where she would feel better and away from the psych residents. I did not expect this blatant prejudicial behavior from her. Honestly, I was mildly surprised. But I guess I should have expected it cause one of the diagnosis of this woman is actually "Altered Mental Status". In an ironic way, she did belong out there with "those" people.  Perhaps she was on the defensive side about her stay at the nursing home hence exposing her true prejudice.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Unfriend vs Unfollow

In the wise words of Cez:
Sometimes you have to get rid of what's not working in your life - whether it's a gadget, a person, a situation, etc. Then you make way in your life for something better to come along.
I think it is a very pragmatic thinking. So when it comes to facebook, sometimes you have "friends" that you really want to just clean out of your life. It could be a friend that you had a falling out or someone that does not really seem to care to respond to any of your comments or greetings. And these facebook friends are prolific facebook poster but when you greet them, they just ignore you. So it becomes obvious that they do not care to hear from you. But often the act of unfriending is offensive and abrupt to people. So a less offensive act would be to unfollow that facebook friend. That way, I do not see any of their post thus I am not tempted to comment or greet them. This way I can forget that they are even in my friend's list and I can eventually forget that they are in my life. I have gotten rid of those "friends" in my life without being offensive.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Grindr cuties

Just some random guys in Grindr that I thought were cute. I am more drawn to handsome faces than a sexy shirtless headless body. Worse if it is a picture of some random unidentifiable body parts.