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Happy Valentine's day

Another year of nobody to call my Valentine...  At least I have this hunky men to drool over.  Have a wonderful Valentine's day everybody.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Thank goodness to honest Canadians

I am not sure if it is because of honest Canadian or because the crowd were affluent well educated people, but crisis was averted when my friend lost his phone.

During our recent ski trip to Whistler Canada, my friend dropped his skull cap along with his phone in it while were were walking at Whistler village.  He realized that it was gone so his BF used the GPS locating app to find where the phone was.  We discovered that it was inside the police station of the village.  Somebody honest, Canadian or otherwise, picked up the skull cap along with the latest I-phone and dropped it off the police station.  So we went to the police station and after the police confirmed that it was indeed my friend's phone, he got it back.  Crisis was averted and thank goodness that Canadians were honest people in general.  Or perhaps the vacationing people who were there were honest, educated and affluent folks that they don't need to steal an I-Phone.  Who knows?  We were just thankful this happened in Whistler and not in some ghetto area of LA or Chicago.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Something Rotten yet wonderful

Ever since I saw the number performed by the cast of Something Rotten at the 2015 Tony Awards, I knew that I would like to watch this show live.  My friend Dee has agreed to join me so that was extra incentive for me to look for tickets during my trip to NYC.  We ended up paying over $100 each for the tickets.  Then we learned that the tickets were bought at a lower price and resold by the seller at at a higher price.  We almost paid twice the original price. I was annoyed but at least the show was funny and diverting that I did not feel too cheated out of it.

Brian d'Arcy and Christian Borle were fantastic in their portrayals.  The rest of the cast were very good too.  Special mention to John Cariani and Brad Oscar.  Our Minstrel was Bud Weber instead of Michael James Scott which was a blessing in disguise.  The songs were funny and catchy.  I especially like "A Musical" and "Hard to be the Bard" numbers.   A lot of the dialogues and lyrics included reference to old Broadway shows that were significant and popular.  So having knowledge of the other past musicals helped me enjoy the show more.   The dance numbers were pretty lively and entertaining.  And to top it off, I learned a few things about the historical references in the story line.

Definitely a show to see.  Go to Broadway or wait for it to come to your town when they go on tour.
4.5 stars out of 5.