Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy year of the Rooster

I no not believe in the claims astrology and that goes the same for Chinese zodiac as well.   But since my heritage is Asian / Chinese, I would like to give a shout out to the Year of the Rooster in Chinese zodiac.  For the purpose of levity, I would like to call this the Year of the Cock.   

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Male Gymnast and Armpits

The Summer Olympics has been over for several months now but I would like to bring up a observation of mine about male gymnast and armpit hair.  If the hair is light colored and not too obvious, it looks OK.  But if it is dark and really bushy, I find it unbecoming.  The pics below seems to show that the Eastern European shave their pit hair and the Americans along with the Asians do not.  The contrast between the skin tone and hair color makes it more unattractive as far as I am concern.  You be the judge.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Story of Asha the shitshu

One of our client (Eunice) mentioned that she has a shitshu dog (Asha) of 7 years old that she can't afford to keep anymore.  She asked if we know anybody looking for a sweet well behaved dog.  I would have taken the dog if I did not have 2 of my own already.  Having a 3rd might be too much to handle.  My other coworker was not in the position to have a dog.

Then the heavens smiled cause not a day later, another client (Nihla) mentioned that she wants a cat or a dog.  We have discussed that she should adopt instead of buying from a breeder.  Then it hit me that Nihla should adopt Asha.  It will save Nihla adoption fee and the dog will not have to be surrendered to the shelter.  We got the 2 ladies get in touch and the transfer of ownership happened 2 days later.

Now the dog Asha is in a very happy home with Nihla.  Nihla adorns Asha and Asha seems very happy in her new forever home.  Nihla would bring Asha to work once in a while and they are both very happy.  Nihla buys Asha outfits and even brought her to see Santa.  This is a happen ending indeed.